Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 4th August 2023 Written Episode

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 4th August 2023 Written Episode on

The Episode commences with Shiv dropping Roshni off at her home. She expresses her intention to take the stairs since the lift is not functioning. Shiv offers to accompany her, but she insists that she will manage on her own and asks him to leave. He confirms if she is sure and she replies affirmatively, reminding him of how he has left her before. Meanwhile, Rani Maa engages in conversation with Maan while Surilii serves food. Despite Surilii’s efforts to tempt her with Maan’s favourite dish, Rani Maa claims she is not hungry but eventually agrees to eat as it will please Maan. Surilii then inquires about Veera’s dagger and if it was among Maan’s belongings. Rani Maa denies it and lists the items that were present such as his clothes, shoes, pagdi, and watch. At this request, Rani Maa hands over the keys to her cupboard for Surilii to check for herself. Grateful for the opportunity, Surilii thanks Rani Maa before proceeding to do so.

Shiv witnesses two boys in a physical altercation and intervenes. He notices a man reprimanding and threatening Mohit, and steps in to defend him by introducing himself as Shivender Barot. The man apologizes and instructs his son to apologize as well, but Mohit reacts by pushing the boy. Shiv calms him down and assures him that he has nothing to fear. After some conversation, Shiv takes Mohit to his home where they are greeted by Roshni. She questions how he got injured, to which Mohit responds with “Mumma.” Surprised, Shiv asks for clarification and Swati (presumably Roshni’s name) explains that she needs to delete a message from Samar on Maan’s phone. In addition, she expresses her distrust towards Samar for possibly going out with Raghav while also acknowledging that her message may be on Maan’s phone.

Raghav becomes angry with Shiv, prompting Samar to comment on his sharp mind. However, Raghav is swayed by Samar’s influence. Meanwhile, Surilii takes Veera’s phone while Swati searches for Maan’s phone. Surilii questions why Veera and Maan were trying to communicate. Suddenly, Swati finds Maan’s phone and discovers an incriminating message from Veera. In a moment of panic, she decides to delete the message and even goes as far as searching for Veera’s dagger. While doing so, she receives a call from Veera which shocks her. Surilii points out that the phone is ringing and Roshni inquires about Mohit’s condition after he fell. Shiv reveals that Mohit is his son, but assures Roshni that it was only a minor injury due to slippery roads. She asks how it happened and Mohit signals for him not to reveal the truth. Shiv covers up by saying he was there to help and did not know it was her house. Roshni scolds Mohit before going to retrieve a first aid kit, causing him to thank Shiv for his assistance.

Shiv mentions that he has to leave since he got delayed. Mohit then talks about his mother’s delicious hot chocolate and asks if Shiv would like some. She declines, stating that Shiv needs to leave soon. However, Shiv insists it will only take 5 minutes and she agrees to make it for him. Surilii interrupts their conversation by informing them that her phone is off. Suddenly, Samar enters and reprimands Swati, reminding her not to do anything foolish as he doesn’t want to end up in jail. Surilii then asks the inspector to locate Maan’s number while Samar advises Swati to plan a honeymoon trip instead of planning for jail time. He adds that if he goes to jail alone, he can manage but if Swati joins him, no one will be able to save her except him. Despite this, she asks him to accompany her somewhere and Roshni appears with the promised hot chocolate. She advises Samar not to waste time looking through old photos of Mohit’s dad as they won’t find him there since he isn’t in their lives anymore. She proudly proclaims herself as a single mother who raised Mohit alone and they don’t need anyone else in their lives. Shiv expresses gratitude

After bidding farewell, Shiv receives a call from Bandish informing him about a meeting. Without hesitation, he assures her that he will be there. Just then, Surilii calls and Shiv excitedly exclaims that he was just about to dial her number. She informs him that she found Veera’s phone but unfortunately, Maan’s phone is switched off. However, she has requested Inspector Bansal to help track it down. She then shares a glimmer of hope by revealing that Maan has made some progress and even tried to communicate with her. Relieved by the news, Shiv assures Surilii that he will return as soon as possible to support his friend’s recovery. Surilii urges him to come back soon and reminds him that their 6th month anniversary is coming up. Shiv promises not to miss it and Roshni watches on as he ends the call and leaves the scene.

Shiv speaks to Pammi on a call. He says I was leaving for Ranak and got a call. She asks him to stay at home with her. He says he will. Rani Maa says I will stay with you. She sees him moving his finger and asks are you trying to communicate with me? Samar and Swati watch. Samar thinks of something to do.


Surilii says I have good news. She tells Rani Maa and Pammi about her pregnancy. They smile. Shiv says Mohit’s father should come, you need him. Roshni says you are Mohit’s father. Shiv is shocked.

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