Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 28th July 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 28th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode opens with Samar telling Swati to leave. She turns and notices Maan standing there. She informs Samar that Maan has seen them. Samar reassures her, saying he will handle it. Swati exits and Samar expresses his amusement, saying he has successfully trapped Maan and he won’t be able to reveal the truth to anyone now. Dada Babu welcomes Shiv and blesses him. Shiv introduces his wife Surilii and she also receives blessings from Dada Babu. He mentions how a person’s eyes reflect their true nature and Shiv agrees, sharing that he married Surilii quickly because he saw his mother’s reflection in her. Dada Babu asks if they need anything and Surilii admits feeling nervous as she has never attended such a big party before. She then remembers her niece Yuvika, who is just like Dada Babu, and suggests they should meet sometime.

Feeling unwell, Maan reaches for his asthma pump and spots Swati. Meanwhile, Shiv and Surilii run into Digvijay, who takes the opportunity to introduce his wife Ruhi. Surilii inquires about her involvement in business, to which Ruhi replies that she is a homemaker. As Surilii’s phone falls, Shiv quickly retrieves it for her, earning her gratitude. However, Ruhi quietly observes and then leaves, while Surilii gets distracted by an old neighbor and goes to greet them. In the midst of their conversation, Shiv brings up Dada Babu’s plans to name his heir. Digvijay explains the complicated corporate rules involved in such matters and mentions that there are often conflicts within families for power. Reflecting on this, Shiv brings up Raghav and reminds Digvijay to consider their business plans as well. Agreeing with him, Digvijay suggests they settle their differences through a friendly basketball match first before discussing business further.

The dance performance begins. Shiv and Digvijay dance with the girl. Surilii collides with Yuvika. She hugs her and says I got to know about you, Dada Babu praising you. Yuvika says I had a café in Rishikesh. Surilii says I also have a café in Mumbai and I am learning the royal ways. In addition to everyone staring, Yuvika says that she forgets her manners as well. She goes. Shiv asks Surilii to come.

Veera inquires, “What are you hiding? Please tell me.” Maan responds, “I must wait to expose Samar’s deception. Time is not on our side. I care deeply for my family.” Veera warns, “Do not let this be your downfall.” He exits. Shortly after, Shiv and Surilii call him. He eagerly asks, “When will you return? Please come back soon.” Shiv questions, “What’s wrong? Tell me.” Maan then receives a message from Swati… “It wasn’t what it seemed, please let me explain.” Maan replies, “I’ll speak to you later.” He ponders his next move; he cannot inform Raghav and will have to handle the situation himself.

Swati inquires if Samar has spoken to Maan. Samar assures her that he will handle it and tells her to go to her room. He hands her the phone and she heads off. Meanwhile, Samar muses that Maan might be facing a dilemma. Just then, Rani Maa interrupts Maan and asks where he is going. He replies that he has some work and promises to return soon. He hugs her and she reminds him to take care of himself before leaving. As soon as Maan leaves, Surilii voices her concerns about him, stating that something doesn’t seem right and they should return to Ranak to be there for him and their family. Shiv agrees with her observation. While all this is happening, Veera notices multiple missed calls from Maan and decides to call him back.

Maan leaves. Veera comes home and runs to meet Maan. Maan reaches the old factory. He calls out Swati. Samar smiles at him.


Samar says you want to know my secret, fine, hear it, I’m your elder brother, Samar Chandrabhaan Barot. Shiv and Surilii are trapped in riots. Samar attempts to kill Maan and ignites the fire.

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