Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 8th September 2023

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 8th September 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Shiv defending Surili. Doctor comes and says Swati is not fine, wrong medicines have been given to her, she is critical, and we are trying hard to save her. Raghav recalls bribing the doctor. Ranimaa asks about the baby, Swati is carrying the heir. Doctor says sorry, we cannot say anything, we are trying to save them. Don’t worry about Swati and her baby.

Shiv tells Surili that nothing has happened, Swati will be fine. He consoles her. Ranimaa goes to see Swati. Roshni remembers changing the medicines, and Samar says Surili and her perfect bahu image will be destroyed now. She says talk slowly. Shiv sees them.

Her first thought is why did Surili do this. She recalls what Surili said. Samar makes an excuse and leaves. Shiv asks Roshni to be with Mohit. Ranimaa gets the medicine bottle and checks. The doctor calls her and says it’s abortion medicine, which can kill the patient. Ranimaa is shocked.

Surili had just woken up and was curious about the whereabouts of everyone else. She stepped outside to find Shiv consoling Raghav with a hug, as everyone else looked on with tears in their eyes. Swati tried to comfort Surili by reminding her that she now had one less obstacle in her path. Roshni and Samar shared a smile, but Swati’s grief over losing her baby made her lash out at Surili. Shiv defended Surili, pointing out that she too was pregnant and deserved no blame for Swati’s loss. However, Swati continued to yell at Surili until Shiv reminded her to watch her language. Eventually, both Surili and Swati went to see Ranimaa, where Raghav pleaded with Swati to provide evidence for her accusations against Surili.

Surili says, Ranimaa, you trust me, I don’t lie, I don’t think bad about anyone. Ranimaa takes Surili into her room and scolds Surili for playing politics. She says you are cunning.

Surli says I can never harm Swati, I trust her. Ranimaa asks what’s this. She breaks the medicine bottle. She says you fooled us with your goodness and did this, you killed Swati’s baby. Surili says I accept all the blames, but not this one, sorry, I don’t know who gave you the bottle and what happened, I’m not bad, I’ve done nothing wrong, you’re wrong.

“I believe Surili, she wouldn’t do something like this. However, I must question why abortion pills were found in her room. Despite this evidence, Shiv still denies any wrongdoing. Ranimaa suspects that Surili is trying to destroy our family, but Shiv maintains trust in both her and Surili. Perhaps there was a misunderstanding on your part? Surili insists she would never hurt you. She came here out of love for you. Ranimaa refuses to continue the conversation and goes to attend to Swati and Raghav. Surili denies any involvement once again, but suddenly feels dizzy. Shiv rushes to her side.”


Ranimaa asks who snatched Veera from us. Maan says Swati killed him. Everyone is shocked.


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