Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th July

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hain

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th July 2023 Written Episode on

The episode begins with Abhimanyu replaying Akshara’s words in his mind, realizing their mistake. He feels remorse and sends her a message apologizing. Meanwhile, Akshara receives the message and recollects their conversation. Seeing her typing a reply, Abhimanyu waits expectantly but she eventually puts away her phone and breaks down in tears while Yeh Rishta… plays in the background. Unable to sleep, Abhimanyu also sheds tears until morning comes. Along with Parth and Anand, he makes several calls to gather information from the hotel. One of them suggests checking the bookings under Manjiri Birla or Mahima Birla’s name. At this moment, he spots Manjiri, Mahima and their children arriving at the hotel. Ruhi immediately runs towards Aarohi excitedly.

Shivansh embraces Shefali while Abhir watches, tears streaming down his face. Abhimanyu approaches him and apologizes, then Abhir quickly heads upstairs. As Abhimanyu remembers Akshara’s words, Manjiri instructs the children to change their clothes and assures them she will prepare breakfast. She mentions how fortunate it is that the rain has stopped as they would have been stuck in the hotel again today. Abhimanyu questions why Abhir is here instead of being with Akshara and Abhinav. Manjiri explains that he had trouble sleeping and needs rest. He expresses frustration over wasting time on the trip’s last day and suggests she should have dropped off Abhir today instead of making excuses to keep him here.

As Shivansh sets aside Abhir’s books, the latter remarks about his mother saying that Saraswati maa resides within them, urging Shivansh to handle them with care. Inquiring about a place to keep his own books, Shivansh points out that Abhir seems to have two homes – one here and another in Kasauli – but doesn’t seem to belong anywhere. This angers Abhir. Trying to explain Abhir’s restlessness, Manjiri notes that it’s a new environment for him. However, Abhimanyu disagrees, stating that it was not about the change of place but rather missing his parents and being eager to go back home. He accuses Manjiri of being the reason why they got stuck there and mistrusting her. She defends herself by asking if it is her fault, unaware of Akshara’s lack of trust in her as she overheard Manjiri’s conversation regarding not sending Abhir to her.

Shivansh is present, their bonding can be completed at any time. Abhir and Shivansh engage in a pencil fight, resulting in Shivansh getting injured and calling out for his mother. Concerned, everyone rushes to see him. Shefali and Parth inquire about his injury, to which Shivansh responds that Abhir accidentally hit him with the pencil. Aarohi suggests taking Shivansh for first aid while Shefali and Aarohi accompany him. On the other hand, Mahima stops Abhir, while Manjiri defends him by saying it was unintentional. However, Mahima insists on keeping Abhir away from Shivansh because he has become a problem since coming here. This leaves Abhir feeling disheartened. As Parth picks up the pencil, Shivansh screams in pain. Aarohi assures that the dressing is done while Parth gets angry and attempts to slap Abhir but is stopped by Abhimanyu’s intervention.

Mahima gets angry when Nishta takes Abhir with her. Abhimanyu and Parth argue. Manjiri cries. Abhimanyu says don’t raise your hand again. Manjiri says we treat everyone the same. Mahima says you start coaching classes of lying, you don’t treat the kids equally, you are partial. Abhimanyu says Shivu is the first child of the new generation, I love him very much. Manjiri and Mahima argue.

Abhimanyu is worried about the current situation. Mahima suggests that Shivu may have caused Abhir’s change in mood, but you and your son are also at fault. While Shivu is pleased to visit his parents from the hostel, you took Abhir away from his parents, causing him distress. You both seem unconcerned about his happiness here, despite being an emotional fool. Can’t you see how this custody battle is negatively impacting Abhir? However, Manjiri refutes these claims as false. According to Mahima, as her younger sister, she doesn’t require Abhir’s support to explain anything to you.

Abhimanyu urges them to stop arguing, pointing out that as adults, it is their responsibility to set a good example for the children. After Ruhi informs them that their aunt is calling, Abhir overhears his mother’s voice and becomes convinced that they do not want him anymore due to his recent behavior. Akshara then asks if he is with them, and Ruhi reassures her by saying he is busy with his homework. Akshara requests to speak to him, and Ruhi instructs Abhir to talk to her before he leaves.


Akshara shouts and cries. Abhinav says we will go to Kasauli. Akshara gets a court notice. She shouts and cries. Manjiri says I will go to court and cancel the permission.

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