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Pandya Store

Pandya Store 10th July 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with everyone worrying about Dhara. Rishita and Raavi come to dine. They take the food. Suman worries. She gets conscious and looks at them. She cries for Chiku. Suman worries. Rishita and Raavi come. They take the food. Prerna and Dhara come. They all take their food plates and go. The mother of Suman said no one worried about her. She cried. Gautam asks why you kept three plates, where are all of them? She replies that everyone took the plates to their rooms.

Dev, Shiva and Krish are all thinking of Gautam. He starts shouting that the division has already happened. “What else do you want?” he yells, urging everyone to come out and have one last meal together. Dhara notices his distress and invites him to sit down and eat. Suman steps in to calm him down. Then, Shesh, Natasha, Rishita and Raavi all chime in, expressing their desire to join in the meal as well. But Rishita insists that no one should go inside; they must stay strong in order to move on. Shiva stands up, ready to leave the room. Quickly, Raavi stops him, knowing how much it will hurt everyone if he goes. Eventually, Krish speaks up again and encourages everyone to have some food together. Soon after, Mittu and Natasha enter and request some ice cream. Dhara warmly embraces them along with Gautam.

The kids make a plan and say we’ll hide from everyone and not leave the house. Gautam drinks. For the last time, he asks his brothers to have a drink with him. He gives Krish a cold drink. Natasha asks if there will be food. Mittu says he’ll get chips and we’ll hide in the backyard. Seeing them, Rishita says don’t come up with bad ideas. We will shatter tomorrow, our opinions may differ, but the destination will remain the same, a happy family.

Remember the upbringing Dhara has given you and pass it on to your kids. Shesh turns to Rishita for advice on dividing the toys. Natasha agrees, saying that otherwise there will be another fight. Rishita suggests splitting the toys evenly between Mittu and themselves. Gautam expresses his regret for not being able to provide a bigger car and house, despite his best efforts. Suddenly, they hear a police siren and quickly run to hide. They laugh as they realize it was just a false alarm. However, Gautam’s laughter soon turns into tears as he confesses that he brought Dhara into their home when they were young because she didn’t want her own kids and was happy raising them instead. She loves them deeply and can’t imagine living without them, begging them not to leave her. He breaks down in tears, pleading for them not to abandon Dhara because she would die without them by her side. The siblings share a grave look of concern for their mother’s well-being.

Dev says we will take him to the room. They take Gautam to the room and make him sleep. They see Dhara. Shiva says Gautam made us drink, we were drinking alone. Krish says I didn’t drink, I had a cold drink. I would have taken a cold drink if you had called me to celebrate. She says you don’t have any rights on you. Pack your bags for the morning. She gives them their childhood Gullak.

She says it’s your childhood Gullak, it contains your memories, not money. You used to write a note every day, why you’re happy, if Gautam bought a kite, gave pocket money or cycle, and when you get a chance, you break it and read it. They cry and go to hug her. She steps away. Kaise mann…plays… They sadly leave. All are restless. Suman cries.

There are memories of the Pandya house in the morning. Shiva says he saw a house near the store to stay connected. Raavi says but… Prerna says we have already booked the hotel, and we will also book a room in Canada once the money is settled. It is my intention to bring Suman with us, but I know she will not be able to. Shiva says you do not tell me you have a problem with her. Raavi says no, she will not stay with us. Suman looks at her house.


It is Gautam’s turn to speak. You all divide the house shares, can I keep Pandya store if there is no objection? The family leaves the house.

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