Pandya Store 20th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Dhawal and Natasha Encounter Frightening Situations

Pandya Store

Pandya Store 20th December 2023 Written Episode Update on

Natasha is trying to be saved when Dhawal removes the rope noose. Their heart bracelets join. They see this. Everyone comes to help. Natasha says somebody helps. Dhawal says you always want to beat me. She says it was you who caused this. Neetu asks Natasha if she is okay and if she is hurt. Natasha replies no. Sir asks what’s going on.

She says you gave us the same tent; give me another tent. Sir says we kept you together because you are both married, but she says no, our marriage is getting annulled, so give me another tent. There is no space. Act like mature adults for a day. Who is responsible for this? Whoever broke this tent must pay. She says I’ll go home. He says it is impossible; the bus broke down. He leaves.

Kataria pokes fun at Dhawal and Natasha, urging them to stop quarreling. While Dhawal insists he didn’t do anything wrong and begins setting up the tent, Natasha makes a snide remark. The other girl chimes in, mentioning scary stories she’s heard about the forest. However, Natasha dismisses any notion of ghosts being real. Suddenly, they all hear strange noises and quickly dismantle the tent. As they look around nervously, Chiku enters Suman’s room, searching for something. After finding some jewelry hidden inside the pillow, he remembers Dhara and carefully puts the bangles back before taking them for himself.

Suman comes to call him out, prompting him to hide the bangles quickly. Curious, she inquires about his actions, and he reveals the bangles. Upon seeing them, she immediately recognizes them as Dhara’s. Confused, she questions him why he is stealing them, adding that she would have gladly given them to him had he asked. He responds by stating that she doesn’t trust him because he’s not her biological grandson; in fact, the truth is that Dhara had adopted him. Suman dismisses this notion as nonsense, reminding him she has equally named the house to all three of them – himself, Shesh, and Mittu. However, he insists that the fact remains true – her intention was only for him to care for Shesh and Mittu. In disbelief, she can’t fathom why he would say such things and reminds him that he is her grandson, just like Shesh and Mittu – Gautam and Dhara’s son. She goes on to recount how they were separated during their childhood when he got upset and left with Shweta, and then there was an accident that left everyone else gone, leaving her alone with three young children without any knowledge of where he had

My mother said I kept the bangles on my pillow so I would have Dhara’s signature if someone stole the jewelry. I did not know her son would steal it. Chiku cried and hugged her. He said I didn’t want to steal, but I missed Dhara so much, and I wanted her to hug me. She used to save our family from every problem. I want to keep these bangles as a symbol of my strength. She says I’m here, and I love all my grandchildren equally. She hugs him.

She says promise me, you will talk to me if you think anything like that, keep the bangles, I wish you strength. Dhawal and everyone enjoy the bonfire and singing. A tribal lady stares at Dhawal. She scares them with horror stories. Natasha asks Neetu for help. Neetu says we don’t have enough space in our tent. Dhawal and Natasha argue. The lady tells them that they both have become brides and grooms. She explains the rituals.

They hear some sounds of wild animals roaring and get scared. The tribal man says this had to happen, and they should not have come here. Neetu shouts when she sees the blood. They all get scared. The man says this looks like some wild animal’s blood. The lady warns them not to go towards the jungle. She warns them not to go there. Dhawal and Natasha look on, scared. The man says not to come out of the tent before 5 a.m.


A fight breaks out between Natasha and Dhawal. She goes to the washroom. She hears noises. Dhawal looks for her. They get caught by ropes.

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