Pukaar Dil Se Dil Tak 26th June 2024 Written Episode Update: Birthday Celebrations Turn Chaotic

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Pukaar Dil Se Dil Tak 26th June 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on worldofentertainment.in

As Vedika and Koyal wish Gautham a Happy Birthday, they hug each other when suddenly the criminals start throwing stones through the window.

When Saraswathi, Vedika, and Koyal entered the house together, they didn’t realize they were a single family, but they did. While walking, Saraswathi was lost in her memories. Vedika noticed how everything was covered in cloth. Saraswathi started thinking about feeding both Jhanvi and Yamini with her own hands. As Saraswathi informed them, no one lives here now, so they shouldn’t worry.

Vedika replies that her house is very beautiful. Koyal asks if she lives in the same house. Saraswathi replies that it is a place of memories. Then she removes the cover from the portrait of Gautham, which stunned Vedika and Koyal, who turned to look at each other in shock. Saraswathi approaches both of them, saying that she will return soon. Vedika says she is comfortable, but Koyal says it’s okay if she makes tea first.

Kamal brings Rajeshwari tea, who pulls him close by his face. She mentions the day’s events – Dayal’s release on bail and her nephew speaking without her instruction. As Kamal kneels before her, unable to talk, Rajeshwari notices his discomfort and reassures him that it’s because he’s not used to speaking. She then squeezes his neck, reminding him not to forget who she is. Kamal promises to remember in the future, and Rajeshwari emphasizes how she has supported him since her sister’s death, preventing him from thinking about where he would be now. She reminds him never to neglect her work again.

He is shocked at Rameshwari’s apology for forcing her to do things like this. Rameshwari asks GhatuSham why he forces her to do things like this. She pushes him away, so Kamal is stunned, and when she says he likes the biscuit, she raises it towards him and asks him to have it. Still, when he does not reply, she shoves it in his mouth, saying she is his aunt, so she takes excellent care of him and orders him to leave if he has no other work; Kamal leaves.

When Saraswathi comes out without jewelry, Sindoor, Vedika, and Koyal are standing. Saraswathi says she is Gautham’s widow here. Koyal replies that birthdays are a time for celebration. When Vedika and Koyal ask Saraswathi to come with them, she does not understand because Saraswathi comes here only once a year and should be Gautham’s uncle’s wife.

As Rajeshwari sits, Digvijay throws the cup angrily, saying that all the plans are ruined. If his mother permits him, he can fix it. Rajeshwari says that he can end Vedika Sharma’s story. Digvijay believes that all of the problems will be resolved.

To celebrate Saraswathi’s birthday, Vedika takes out a saree and asks her to wear it. Vedika and Koyal are both amazed to see her and begin applying makeup. Saraswathi gets a bit nervous at first when they help her wear the jewellery, but they both kiss her and she enjoys their time together, Vedika even puts a black tika behind her ear, Koyal says she looks beautiful and no evil eye should fall on her.

She asks if they should celebrate Gautham’s uncle’s birthday. As Saraswathi opens the lid, Koyal says this was Gautham’s favorite sweet. She is about to take the plates when Vedika and Koyal leave for them. Upon learning that both girls are behind it, Saraswathi asks Gautham how she is doing, mentioning that her life is colorful because of Vedika, Koyal, and Sagar, so she prays that they will not suffer any evil fate.

The gang arrives at Gautham’s house and discovers the girl is inside. As a precaution, he dispatches some of his associates to cover all sides of the house. Rajeshwari successfully lights the Diya in the Mandir, praying to GhatuSham for the defeat of her enemies. Vedika compliments Saraswathi on the pleasant ambiance of her home, which feels like their own. Despite the Diya almost running out, the three of them work together to protect it, unaware they are all part of one family. Saraswathi reminisces about the time spent with her daughters.

As Rajeshwari prays, a gust of wind blows out the Diya. She hopes for Ghatu Sham’s blessing as she performs the pooja today. In the meantime, Saraswathi wishes Gautham a happy birthday and encourages Vedika and Koyal to do the same, reassuring them that it is their responsibility to keep Rajeshwari happy. The girls hesitantly take a piece of sweet to wish their uncle. As Saraswathi hugs them, she gets emotional, and they all jump in shock when a rock shatters the window.

Saraswathi frets as she recalls the day of the accident, quickly ducking behind the couch when a thought crosses her mind – why are they being targeted? Similarly, Vedika considers checking on the situation but is advised by Saraswathi to call Sagar immediately. She dials his number, but Rajeshwari interrupts him while celebrating his first case victory, questioning whether he should prioritize being at the pooja or talking to someone. Taking matters into her own hands, Rajeshwari grabs the phone and places it out of reach. Sadly, Vedika reports that Sagar is not answering and urges everyone to be wary of his character.

As the criminals aggressively pound on the door, Koyal questions who could have a problem with her. Meanwhile, Saraswathi anxiously frets over Gautham’s safety. In a moment of quick thinking, Vedika manages to rescue the portrait before a flying stone can damage it. The criminal nonchalantly remarks that they are unaware of their strength. Worried about their well-being, Vedika urges Saraswathi and Koyal to hide with her. As they huddle together, Saraswathi contemplates how she will always rely on Gautham’s support. However, the criminals continuously threaten to break through the door, causing Vedika to grow increasingly concerned.


Koyal asks if all the bags are filled with spices. There are three fans, and they can turn on the fan as the criminals enter, but they get scared when gunfire is heard. Koyal and Saraswathi hide together, but Vedika is under the wooden bed, and Saraswathi becomes concerned when the criminals stab her.

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