Pukaar Dil Se Dil Tak 20th June 2024 Written Episode Update: Sagar and Vedika’s Legal Battle Begins

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Sagar is preparing the whiteboard, thinking about when Vedika asked why he hired her. He thinks he has to find out everything about his family and the truth about Dayal with her support. While sitting at her desk, Vedika prays, thinking she is sending the first notice. She then remembers how Digvijay was furious at her, while Kamal told her that Digvijay would not listen to her. Vedika prays that GhatuSham will not leave her alone.

As she prays, Sagar joins her and notices her worrying about the first notice. He encourages her to release her fear with a deep breath and checks in to see how she feels. When he sees she has spelled “Magistrate” incorrectly, Vedika apologizes. Sagar suggests adding a line stating that informing the honorable court before challenging the accused’s bail is necessary, with potential consequences for non-accomplices.

Vedika inquires if anything else is required, to which Sagar confidently responds that it is flawless. However, Vedika gazes at him again and declares her intention to depart if he does not move aside. She then retrieves the letter and hands it over to Sagar, who signs it swiftly and gives instructions for its delivery within an hour. Uncertain, Vedika questions his decision to summon his father, but Sagar insists on proceeding with the plan. He warns her that her salary will be deducted if she persists in asking further questions. As Sagar contemplates the accident and his desire to uncover the truth, he is determined to confront Saraswathi Chachi with his findings.

As Saraswathi cooks in the kitchen, her mind wanders to Vedika. Suphedra approaches and asks if she has gone out. Apologetically, Saraswathi explains that she was just worried. She mentions finding hope again, but then it was shattered. Reminiscing on her own experience with Sagar, Suphedra advises not to let go of hope and shares how he started his firm after she kept praying for him. She believes that one day, Saraswathi’s wait will also result in something fruitful. As Saraswathi questions how to make it happen, Suphedra steers the conversation towards Jhanvi’s favorite vegetable. Saraswathi reveals the vegetable, and Suphedra reveals that she soaked it in water last night, expressing hope that this will bring Jhanvi back home.

When Sagar asks Vedika to come to his house to discuss the case, Vedika sits on the scooter and asks if he is mad. When Sagar asks if she is serious, Vedika says she has sent a legal notice to his father, which Sagar replies they have both sent, and he informs him he will deduct his salary otherwise. Sagar tells Vedika that today is her first case, so she should learn how to deal with Digvijay Maheshwari. Vedika is concerned, as Sagar says today is her first case, and she needs to learn how to deal with Digvijay Maheshwari.

When Digvijay asks the Inspector why he did not inform him of why he couldn’t arrest Kishori Lal, the Inspector replies that Vedika had taught them so many legal sections and that someone from his own family could help him. As Digvijay turns back, he sees Kamal clutching his collar so furiously. The inspector points to a photo of Sagar and says that he paid the entire loan amount, and Digvijay feels betrayed.

While sitting in the car, Vedika struggles to fasten her seat belt. Sagar kindly assists her and takes notice of her lack of knowledge about this safety precaution. He explains that he admires her for being the first person he has seen who is unfamiliar with how to wear a seat belt properly. Vedika assures him she is not like other lawyers who get anxious quickly, just like how she confidently busted his headlight. Sagar then reveals that she has reminded him of something positive and decides to reduce the amount she owes him by eight thousand. However, Vedika reminds him that cutting it all at once might compromise their agreement. Sagar agrees and suggests an EMI plan instead. As they leave the car, Sagar informs Vedika that the Maheshwari family has arrived at their destination, and it’s time for them to confront Digvijay.

When Kamal tries to console Digvijay in the house, he says Digvijay won’t listen to him and says Kamal doesn’t know how to do any work. Kamal then shows Digvijay the court summons, and Digvijay asks how Vedika dared send it to him when Kamal asks him to look at the sign. Digvijay is stunned by the Sagar sign and asks how he dares to do that, and the woman encourages Digvijay to calm down.

When Sagar enters the house with Vedika, he becomes angry when he sees his father with the woman and angrily calls Kishan. When the women enter the house, Sagar says that he feels like they were waiting for him. Digvijay asks Sagar what Vedika is doing here, and Sagar replies that she is his employee and they are here to discuss something about the case. When Sagar asks Kishan to bring refreshments for the guests, Kishan arrives.

Digvijay asks if Sagar knows about him. Sagar asks Miss Sharma if she knows about him. She says he is Mr Maheshwari. Sagar asks about the court hearing date, time, and chances of Dayal getting bail and if his father has any more questions. After Rajeshwari calls Sagar from behind, she turns to Vedika and says that he even has guests. She hands Vedika some papers. Sagar asks what they are.

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