Pukaar Dil Se Dil Tak, written update, 29th May 2024: Saraswati Fights for Answers, and Jhanvi and Yamini Disappear!

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At the accident site, the women find out that Gautham has died and Saraswati is possibly not alive. The inspector assures Kamal they will find them and even informs Digvijay when Kamal asks him not to worry about it before leaving.

As the group chased the thief, they arrived at the accident site. They inquired about a woman running who was allegedly the thief and requested her to come out from behind a bush. However, she revealed that she was not a thief but a mother. The people left, still curious about the girl’s identity and where she came from. As she walked past the accident site, she overheard people discussing it. She then explained that the girl was likely part of the family whose parents had tragically passed away.

She says that now Mauri will be her mother, even though Pandit Ji told her that she had the line to rule. She laughs, thinking how a thief could become the ruler, mentioning that Pandat Jee was right, which she learns after finding the woman who holds the key.

As Rageshwari fixed the proposal, he read the Kundali of both girls who do not have any problems in their mother’s Kundali, and he said when the three of them were together, nothing wrong would happen.

Upon returning to the accident site, the Inspector searches for the girls but is unable to locate them, so he orders the Yatra participants to leave. They all begin walking while chanting the verses while the rescue officials take Saraswati to an ambulance. Jhanvi and Yamini are taken away by strangers.

Pandit Ji says things go smoothly when the trio is united, and justice prevails. However, Digvijay disagrees and expresses his disbelief to his mother. Despite this, Pandit Ji believes that Digvijay will eventually understand. Rageshwari also supports Pandit jee’s beliefs but is concerned about Gautham and wishes to be by his side. Furthermore, Pandit Ji assures them that despite their separation, they will reunite and rectify all wrongs.

Jhanvi and Yamini were brought to the hospital by strangers who found them at the accident site. As their hands touched, Saraswati began to stir. The nurse escorted them inside while Kamal arrived at the hospital looking for his missing daughters. He soon left in disappointment. Meanwhile, Digvijay paid the nurse and promised the rest of the payment upon completion of their treatment, muttering that Saraswati’s fate was sealed.

The thief, while running, places the daughter on the bed and says that she is unconscious from the time she finds her. When the nurse asks what she said, the woman replies that she was unconscious for an extended period. The ward boy asks the couple about the daughter’s name, so they say her name is Vedika and explain that they thought of naming their daughter Vedika but were not given any children by Bhagwan, who now has sent Vedika into their lives.

When the nurse asks for it again, Maui is thinking about the name, so she says Koyal. When the doctor prescribes the medicine, he assures his daughter that she is fine, and Mauri asks about the payment, who replies that he will pay it. As soon as they open their eyes, Yamini and Jhanvi hold each other’s hands.

After waking up and sitting on the bed, Saraswati hears the doctor, Rageshwari, and Digvijay enter. When the doctor informs Saraswati that Gautham died before he got to the hospital, Saraswati asks about him. As Rageshwari tries to calm her down, Saraswati begins to cry, and then she asks Digvijay why she did not die when her husband died and both daughters were missing.

As Saraswati sees both Yamini and Jhanvi being taken away by the strangers, she runs towards them but cannot stop them before they leave the elevator. After the accident, Saraswati is still in shock as she is transported back home in a wheelchair a few days later. Mauri is trying to feed Yamini but doesn’t want to eat at first and keeps refusing. Mauri thinks about what she can do, but Yamini is angry.

During the last rituals of Gautham, Rageshwari and Digvijay perform the rituals when she apologizes to Mr Mehra for speaking in this way. She explains they must move on in life, and with a heavy heart, she has to think about the company’s business as it is a public limited company, and they have to concern themselves with its shareholders. Even though Gautham is no longer alive, she says that if the company’s name is ruined, Gautham wouldn’t be happy.

Just four days ago, Ragshwari said she thought both Gautham and Saraswati would handle the business. She feels Digvijay can manage it. Mr Mehra mentions Saraswati is still alive. Rageshwari replies that she was happy or rather proud that Gautham and Saraswati took control of the business, but now things have changed, and Saraswati still hasn’t found her daughters.

Saraswati informs Rageshwari that Gautham has been killed and that it is a murder. Hearing this, Rageshwari and Digvijay are stunned.


The daughters of Saraswati have returned after twenty years, so is it the beginning of the end for Rageshwari and Digvijay?

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