Shiv Shakti (Zee) 6th November 2023 Written Episode: Manorama’s Matchmaking Mission

Shiv Shakti

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I will make Shiv realize he loves you, Manorama tells Shakti. She looks at him with a smile. Manorama says you two are meant for each other, and I will act as a matchmaker. Shiv calls her Mogambo Chachi. She brings food for him. Manorama tells Shakti that he called me Chachi, so he has to become my son-in-law. Shiv eats it and says it’s delicious. Manorama says she is making these for you today, and Shakti can do it later.

Shakti signals that time is running out as Manorama prepares a meal for her son, who she refers to as their saviour. She insists Shakti joins them and guides her towards Shiv, causing them to lock eyes. With a smile, Manorama asks Shiv what his thoughts are on Shakti. He responds, “Right now, I’m just thinking about the food.” Shakti reminds them they must leave, but Chacha suggests she first speak with her family. As she leaves, Shiv asks about her sister. Manorama urges him to check on Shakti first before discussing her sister.

As Dadi prays for Shiv and Shakti, she finds a girl’s photo on the floor. She asks, “How did this photo get here?”. Mandira sees that and thinks maybe this is the Lord’s indication. Dadi looks at the photo and says, “Gauri.”.

Upon seeing Gauri’s photo, Shakti says, “You saved my life and gave me hope.” Shiv has also given me hope. You saved me in my childhood, and Shiv has now saved me and my family numerous times. While I want to help him, I don’t know much about him. To help him, I must find out what happened in his past. Shiv comes there and asks whose past. Shakti says I was talking to my parents and my sister. He suggests I meet them as well.

Shakti shares a photo of her parents with Shiv. He is grateful to them for bringing such a strong and inspiring person like Shakti into the world. She radiates hope, positivity, and intelligence. We assure you that we will take good care of her and pray for her to become a doctor. On seeing this, Manorama admires Shiv’s kindness towards Shakti and thanks him for being there for her. Shakti then introduces her sister to Shiv, saying she saved her when their parents got into an accident. Shiv wants to thank Gauri personally, and Shakti pulls out a photo of Gauri to show him.

Dadi calls everyone to the living area. Padma asks what happened. Dadi shows Gauri’s photo to Sundari and asks if she saw it in any room. Gayatri gets dizzy looking at Gauri’s photo. Sundari says I didn’t see it anywhere. We hope Shakti will bring light to Shiv’s life, but how did this photo suddenly come to light? Dadi says that it will destroy Shiv’s future if it comes out.

While Shakti is about to show Shiv Gauri’s photo, Rimjhim comes to her and says, “Let’s go.” She touches Shiv’s feet, but he stops her. She says, “You saved me and my family.” Shiv says to her, ask your mom to bring me food. Because you are my sister, it was my responsibility to save you. Manorama asks Rimjhim where she is going. Shakti answers with us.

Mandira informs Dadi that the photo may be a sign from the Lord, possibly a good one. She mentions having performed a pooja for Shiv in the mandir and expresses hope that everything will go smoothly. Mandira then requests Dadi to pass the photo to her and assures her she will keep it hidden from Shiv. Ragunath agrees, stating that Mandira always follows through on her promises. Mandira apologizes to him for her mistake with Ranjan, but Ragunath counters by saying he should apologise as she always makes the right decisions. Dadi then hands over the photo to Mandira.

Shakti is my good luck charm, so please let her go with us. Manorama says you do not need to go. Rimjhim tells Manorama that he wants to see Shakti off to college. Shakti says that’s fine, and they all leave. Rimjhim is a fool, Manorama says, I am trying to be a matchmaker and this Rimjhim has ruined my plans. Whenever I handle Shiv and Shakti, I will take care of Ragunath. She smirked at Gauri’s photo and said it would be helpful.

It’s close to my hospital, so Shiv says I’ll drop you off at your college, but Shakti thinks I’d like to go to your house first. She says I’ll tell you. Rimjhim is with them. She tells Shiv that secrets in a relationship are not good. Rimjhim tries to get his attention, but she says it’s okay. She says I want to discuss Rimjhim and your brother. Shiv says Nandu? Shakti says no. Shiv says Rimjhim and Keertan? Shakti nods.

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