Shiv Shakti (Zee) 27th August 2023 Written Update

Shiv Shakti 27th August 2023 Written Episode Update on

According to Dadi, Padma is the true culprit of our family, likening her to a deceitful snake. This revelation leaves Padma in a state of shock. However, Mandira couldn’t help but smirk at Shakti and confidently confess that she can never expose her true identity as the real culprit. The flashback then reveals how Mandira had called Padma upon noticing Dadi’s suspicion towards her. Despite this, Mandira believes that Shakti will never be able to expose her and plans to keep her “pawn” ready. As the flashback fades away, Dadi confronts Padma with disappointment, reminding her that she was raised like a daughter in their house yet attempted to destroy them. Shiv interjects by defending Padma, stating that he strongly believes she would not be capable of such treachery.

Nandu has pointed out an error, preventing her from completing a task. Dadi offers him comfort, stating her sight is intact. Shiv questions why anyone would do such a thing. Dadi emphasizes that only the person responsible can provide an answer. Shiv then implores Padma to confess her love for him and deny any involvement in the situation, while holding her hand. Seeing Mandira, Padma becomes emotional and tearfully reveals that Ragunath asks if she is responsible for everything. Shakti urges Padma to tell the truth. Ragunath directly questions if she schemed against Shiv and framed him. Padma finally admits to it, responding with a resounding yes, as she sobs. Shakti demands to know why Padma is lying, while Mandira smugly declares herself to be one step ahead of everyone else. In flashback, Mandira persuades Padma to sacrifice herself as a show of loyalty to their partnership. Refusing to be used as a pawn, Padma warns Mandira not to cross a line which will result in consequences for her actions.

Mandira gave her a stern look and warned her to stay within her boundaries if she wished to continue living in the house. She insisted that Padma admit to her wrongdoings, but Padma refused. “You are the one at fault, so you must face the consequences,” she stated firmly. Mandira interrupted and asked if Padma was prepared to face the consequences of her actions in front of the entire world. “I may choose to remain here, but you will be expelled from this household,” she reminded her, adding, “Have you forgotten who you are speaking to?” Mandira was confident she would never lose and even if she were caught, the family would still stand by her side as they were all blinded by her charms. As for Keertan, he was set to inherit everything in this house and Mandira would ensure he got it all. But what about Padma? She had no home of her own; one son lived with his wife’s family while the other relied on this household’s wealth. Her extravagant lifestyle was made possible solely by Mandira’s generosity.

If I withdraw my support, you will be left without any resources, and if I am exposed, you will have nowhere to turn. I promised to bring you and your son with me on the road. Padma tearfully agreed to comply. Mandira acknowledged her compliance before the flashback concluded. She then informed Shakti that she has many pawns who are willing to sacrifice themselves for her. Shiv interjected that Padma was lying, while Dadi sadly admitted that she overheard Padma speaking with the minister. She had hoped she was mistaken but her maternal instincts proved otherwise. Dadi did not want to reveal Padma’s true intentions in front of everyone, but felt she had no other option.

Mandira believes everyone in the house was asleep, but Shakti has roused them all, including Dadi. While speaking to Padma, Shakti reassures her that she does not have to be afraid or take blame for anyone else’s actions. Padma recalls Mandira’s previous assurance that Dadi would not expose her as her own daughter. As the flashback concludes, Shakti offers to assist Padma. She informs everyone that Padma is being untruthful and then turns to Dadi, stating that despite being an outsider, she cannot allow an innocent person to suffer. To uncover the truth, they must speak with the nurse about what happened that day.

She asks the nurse to speak up and tell them who locked her in the store room? She looks to Mandira as the nurse becomes scared. Shakti asks her to speak up. The nurse says it was Padma. They are all stunned when Padma says yes, I locked Shakti in the store room. Ragunath says we gave you everything, we gave you a good life and raised your children, so what else do you need from us? Padma agrees.

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