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Barsatein 9th February 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

In the episode, Jagruti says that I can’t solve this case. Pooja says the kidnapper doesn’t want money, and he has a significant motive. Jagruti says Nita is correct, and this happened because of Reyansh. Vikram says you think he can do this, and he can do whatever it takes to save Aradhana. She says he is working on a big case, and he’s sure he caused Mumma’s accident. He asks have you gone mad, he saved Bhakti that day. She asks why this is happening to me now.

She wants to kill Bhakti. Akash says you kidnapped Aradhana, right? Nita says no, I think the boss did this, Reyansh goes insane if anything happens to Aradhana, he will stop the drug scam news to any extent. Bhakti hears them and reacts. As Nita says, Reyansh’s world will collapse, but he will save Aradhana.

When kidnapping doesn’t work, Varun says we’ll hit and run. Akash asks if you lost it. Nita asks Varun to delete the video. He goes. Varun says mom has become Raavan, done. Akash says I’m going for a walk. Nita asks why, so stay here and watch Bhakti. She gets a call. Jagruti says thanks uncle, I had to go to another doctor for one medicine. He says it’s okay, and I’m always happy to assist. He leaves.

Bhakti writes something on paper while Jagruti sits talking to her. Jagruti asks Bhakti whether she woke up. She checks the paper and asks why she wrote Boss. Vikram calls her. Vikram says to come to the office, and we will negotiate with the kidnappers. She says I’m coming. Reyansh is shocked when she sees the letter. Vikram says you must say you’re ready to do anything; don’t let Aradhana suffer.

What guarantee does he have that he won’t do anything to Aradhana if we fulfill the demand, I know it’s Jai? Reyansh says I won’t let anything happen to her. Vikram says stop this drama. He gets a call from a private number. A woman threatens him. She says Aradhana is trapped here and can die at any time. If anything happens to Aradhana, I will not leave you. You think we are stupid if you love this girl and want to save her, then drop the news.

“Don’t harm her, and I hold great affection for her. I’ll take care of it. Aradhana assumes that Reyansh’s feelings for me mean he is not involved. He requests to stop the drug case investigation and assures it’s resolved. The call abruptly ends, causing worry among Kadambari and the rest. An unknown person warns Reyansh about the consequences of crossing them just before shooting Aradhana. In a fit of despair, Reyansh wails while Kadambari and others join in tears.”


There is a cry from Reyansh. Bhakti gets restless. Bani says I will expose you.

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