Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 11th January 2024 Update: Kunal’s Hidden Pain, Vandana’s Emotional Outburst

Baatein Kuch Ankahee See

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 11th January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Kunal expressing his frustrations about Vaani to Vedika. Vandana, who is watching, becomes emotional and sheds tears. Kunal says he despises her. Vedika acknowledges that despite this, he still felt pain seeing her in such a state. He denies it and claims he didn’t feel any hurt. She persists and asks him if he genuinely didn’t feel any pain. He breaks down and admits that he felt immense pain and reiterates that he hates her. Vedika holds him as they both cry. Seeing their bond, Vandana points out the strong relationship between a mother and child. Vedika embraces Kunal as he expresses his hate once again. However, Vandana couldn’t bear it and ran off in tears. Vedika realizes that mothers are never wrong and believes one day, Kunal will understand her pain, too. In the meantime, Vandana shares her own experience of suffering without a mother with Tara in her arms while crying. Suddenly, Kunal appears and sees her crying.

Agar tum saath ho…..plays… He cries. She sees him and cries. Tara wakes up and calls them out. Vandana asks what happened. Tara asks if I will die. Vandana says don’t say that. Kunal asks what happened, nothing will happen to you. Tara says I saw a bad dream, I do not want to die. He says he heard the doctor say you will be fine soon.

In Vandana’s words, those who see such a dream live long, and I’m always there for them. In Kunal’s words, kids who have their mothers live a happy life. Vandana won’t let you down. She says, “I take care of all the problems for you,” and Tara thanks her. She asks Kunal and Tara to go to sleep. Vandana sings a lullaby, and Kunal recalls Vaani’s lullaby.

Vandana worries. Pammi asks where Vedika is, and Kunal and Vandana are missing. Bobby says maybe they went to the temple. Vedika, Vandana and Kunal go to meet Vaani at the hospital. O Maa….plays… Sonia says Kunal and Vandana are missing, and something is going on. Bobby asks Mrunal whether he is feeling better. Sonia smiles and taunts Pammi. Vedika runs to meet Vaani. Kunal holds Vandana’s hand. Vedika cries, saying Maa.

When Pammi, Rano and Sonia see Bobby and Mrunal talking and staring at each other, she scolds Mrunal. Bobby says enough mom, you can’t talk to her like that, I have to make a post on social media, I feel hurt, I apologize for talking like this. He leaves. Pammi cries.

Vedika tells her mother, “Maa, you were lost many years back.” Upon noticing Kunal, Vandana asks him to come and take him to Vaani. Mrunal offers an apology before Pammi scolds her and leaves. Sonia accuses Mrunal of coming up with a plan to win over Bobby, to which Mrunal responds that she had done the same. As Vaani coughs, Kunal rushes to help her while the doctor explains that high doses of medication have affected her memory. He assures them that she may regain her memories gradually and can be taken home. Vedika breaks down and hugs Vandana.


Vandana says leave her, she lost her memory, we will take her home. Vaani sings the lullaby and cries. Kunal says you will spoil everything.

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