Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 28th November 2023: Tara’s Homecoming Amidst Family Celebrations

Baatein Kuch Ankahee See

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 28th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Vandana bringing coffee for Kunal. She apologized for raising her voice, and he thanked her. She then asks if he wants a coffee, but he declines, saying that her outburst was necessary as it revealed his inner fears. Vandana reassures him not to be afraid and that Tara will recover soon. Kunal reminds her of the doctor’s advice: Tara needs to be happy always and she finds happiness in Vandana. He believes she is becoming the reason for Tara’s life, and when Vandana moves on, Tara will feel alone. Confused, she asks why, Kunal will be there as her father figure. He agrees he can take care of her, but acknowledges that he cannot provide the love she deserves.

She encourages him to trust himself, assuring him that he is capable. He responds with a smile, stating that he will do his best. If he does happen to fail, then Tara will…. He then reflects on how Tara didn’t receive love from her mother and expresses concern about the possibility of her not getting enough love from him and Vandana. However, Vandana reassures him by saying she will be there for Tara until she is confident that he is giving her the love of a father. Only then will she happily step out of Tara’s life without needing confrontation. He won’t have to raise his voice at Vandana in order to comfort Tara, as she would have her father who can love her deeply. But the time for that has not yet arrived, so Vandana will stay by Tara’s side for now. He nods in understanding.

Vandana shows up at Tara. Tara wakes up and sees Vandana. She asks for her to be with her, and Kunal watches. Vandana says I’m here. I’m not going anywhere. Tara sees Kunal and says Papa. Vandana gets Kunal to Tara. Tara holds their hands. She says my dad is the best. Kunal cries. She says promise me, Vandana won’t leave… He promises. Vandana takes care of Tara. The doctor asks if you’re ready to go home. She says yes.

Kunal says sure, I won’t take any risks, get her on the next due date, as her reports are regular. Tara says I’ll tell you a secret, I like seeing you both with me. Vandana says I have to go for urgent work, so go home with dad, and I’ll meet you there. Tara asks you if you will come back. He says yes. She says okay, Dad, lift me; I’m sick. Tara jumps up on his back, and they leave. Vandana smiles.

As Anagha arrives, she is suddenly attacked. In fear, she begs for mercy. Eventually, the attacker reveals himself as Vaibhav. Anagha scolds him for his actions. Vaibhav laughs and explains that they must surprise Vijay to get a reaction. Anagha reminds him of their failed attempts and the consequences if Vandana were to find out. Undeterred, Vaibhav suggests a different approach – instead of killing Vijay, they will make him ill and put Vandana in a tough spot when it comes to affording his treatment. He then proceeds to share his plan with her.

She says Tara will come home, and I have to go there. Vijay says I’ll sit under the sun. Vandana hears a sound and turns to see. The wheelchair screw falls out. Anagha smiles when she sees Vijay walking towards the stairs. She stops Vijay and runs to him. She says the wheel will come out. He asks what. She asks him to come back. She forces him to sit on the chair.

He says I would have fallen and broken my head had I fallen. Vandana sees Anagha angry. She says it’s getting too much, and we must do something now. He says I’m fine, go to Tara. Atya asks Vandana to lock the door and not allow anyone inside. She goes. Kunal surprises Tara. She goes. Vandana hugs Tara. Vedika blesses them and does their aarti. She wishes they get together soon.

All welcome Tara. Vandana says you’re our princess. Bobby says Vandana planned this surprise. Tara says very smart, so you didn’t come with us. It’s time for cake cutting, Bobby says. It’s time for Tara and Kunal to eat the cake. Kunal feeds Vandana the cake. Simmi comes and hugs Tara. She gives her chocolates. Kunal throws the chocolates at Simmi and tells her to leave right away.


The two dance. Sonia arrives. She argues with Kunal. Vandana lectures them.

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