Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 27th September 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 27th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Kunal spotting Vandana, who is looking at the burnt area. She apologizes for returning after being dismissed, explaining that she saw a spark and feared a fire would break out. For her, the studio holds great significance like a temple and she had no ill intentions. Fortunately, she managed to save all the files. Vijay interrupts and anxiously asks if she is alright. Vandana assures him she is fine and prepares to leave, but Kunal stops her. He instructs her to report in the office tomorrow as it is Ganesh Chaturthi and she can take a half-day off. Grateful, she thanks him. Kunal wonders why he can’t seem to keep her away from his thoughts while Vandana proceeds to make a Ganpati idol and expresses gratitude for not losing her job.

According to Shivam, our decorations consist of old items. This sparks anger in Anagha who then proceeds to mock Vandana. As a result, Vandana takes a moment to pray for her family and express her longing for Hemant’s return. Aaji notices Vandana and considers informing her about Mrunal, but worries about causing her pain. Just then, Vedika and Parisa enter the scene and Shivam explains that they cannot afford to purchase new decorations. However, Vandana reminds them that it is not material wealth that matters to Bappa but the purity of our intentions. Adding on, Vedika mentions their desire to take charge of the pandal’s decoration this year since it has been several years since they have returned to their home country and they also wish to contribute.

Vandana nods in agreement while Anagha expresses her opinion of not needing any favors that may end in insult. Vandana suggests that she can do it if she wants, but Anagha scolds her. Pammi enters and gets into an argument with Vandana, asking her to remove the pandal. Kunal and Bobby arrive at the scene. Kunal reminds everyone that Bappa belongs to them and insists on not moving anything. Parisa thanks him and embraces him, also teasing him to smile more often. She apologizes for addressing elders by their names and Vandana assures her it’s acceptable. Suddenly, the pandal pole falls, causing panic among everyone. Kunal quickly rushes to hold it and ties the ropes tightly while Bobby and others look on with smiles. Eventually, Kunal leaves the place.

Vandana says he isn’t sure what happened to Kunal, but it’s okay. It’s morning, everyone’s praying and celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi. Vandana plays the dhol. Kunal thinks I insulted her so much, so she’s celebrating with Vedika and Parisa. Taking Bappa’s blessings, Vandana asks him to go to work. Vedika and Parisa ask him to stay back. He nods. Vandana gets the Ganpati. Parisa says Vandana made an attractive idol. Vandana stumbles, Kunal holds the idol. They smile. Pammi watches.

As Vandana and Kunal carefully place the Ganpati idol, Mrunal catches Vaibhav’s attention with a sign. “Where were you, Vaibhav?” Vandana inquires, adding that she had been looking for him. Meanwhile, Kunal reminisces about Mrunal and Vaibhav. Just then, Pammi arrives with modaks and invites everyone to come and take a look at their beautifully decorated pandal. As a young boy approaches to grab some sweets, Vandana warmly embraces him. However, Pammi scolds the boy and urges him to leave. Realizing that the little one just wanted some prasad, Vandana kindly requests Pammi to give it to him, explaining that he is Vimal and Subhash’s son. Reluctantly, Pammi agrees to do so.

Vandana expresses her gratitude while the boy happily accepts the sweets. Vedika suggests a celebration of singing and dancing, to which Parisa agrees. However, the boy initially declines, but Parisa shares how they used to bribe him with modak to get him to dance. She then encourages him to join in and he eventually agrees. Kunal enters, fully dressed and ready to dance. He joins Bobby in a spirited performance of Deva Shree Ganesha… As Vandana and Hemant reminisce about old times, Parisa leads them all in a joyful dance. Mrunal partners up with Vaibhav, catching Kunal and Aaji’s attention. Kunal silently prays for Vandana’s well-being, worried that Vaibhav may not have genuine intentions towards her. He pleads with Bappa (Lord Ganesha) to guide her towards wisdom and happiness.


Vijay asks what Kunal did with Hemant. Kunal comes. Vandana asks Kunal what you did with Hemant, did you kill him? Everyone cries.

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