Kavya 28th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Kavya Faces Threats and Humiliation


Kavya 28th February 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Kavya is worried about Mayank in the episode. She runs. She sees Anurag sleeping in his room. She wonders who he is. The man says he is not talking about Anurag but Mayank, fans can fall at home too. She calls Mayank. Mayank is sleeping. She runs. She comes home and shouts to Anjali and Rajeev. Anjali asks what happened, and Kavya asks where Mayank is. She sees Mayank asleep. She asks Anjali what happened, and she says I will make tea for you.

Badi Amma makes the man call Kavya. He threatens Kavya. She asks who are you. He says if there is a gas leak, the entire family will die. Kavya stops Anjali and says gas is leaking. Anjali asks what it is, no, no, it is fine. Rajeev comes and asks what happened. Kavya says sorry, I was scared. She cries. She hugs them. She gets a call. Taking a breath, he tells her to keep peace. If she states the court tomorrow, anything can happen.

Kavya’s inlaws won’t forgive her, Anjali worries. Rajeev says she’s doing nothing wrong. Kavya returns home. Adi asks where did you go. She says mother’s house. He asks if everything is fine. She nods. He gets her ready, they have to go to court, Malini stays upset. Badi Amma says she is going to Lucknow to meet the new Bahu. She laughs. Giriraj tells Malini to keep silent and not lecture him. The judge arrives.

The judge asked Kavya if she could give her statement without any pressure. She replied that she had made a statement of her own will. The lawyer asks if she is sure. She says yes. The lawyer says I have a witness to give a statement. Vinod’s wife, Asha, comes over and says I’m the wife of Vinod, Asha. She makes Vinod speak to the judge. She tells the judge that I attacked Giriraj, that he pushed me in defense, so I stepped in front of the truck. Giriraj smiles. Asha lies to the judge.

Kavya claims she is lying and Giriraj is the culprit. The judge says no crime has occurred, Giriraj is innocent, and the court releases him. Kavya cries. Malini smiles happily. They all come home. Badi Amma performs the puja. As Kavya walks in angry, Badi Amma says, “Stop right there. They didn’t tell you about me.” She blackens Kavya’s face and laughs. She asks Kavya to wash her face and come back.

All smiles. Omi tells Adi, You can’t do anything, I’m hurt seeing you sad, I’m concerned for Kavya, take Kavya and leave, promise me you will think about me. Adi agrees. Omi says I have been a stain on a brother’s name, I will support you now, Alka’s happy with me, I will become a good husband, a good brother, and I’ll protect you. They hug. Badi Amma is angry, says Santu.

When Giriraj informs Badi Amma about Kavya’s gold medal, she takes it to burn. But Kavya stops her. She says Badi Amma is burning your pride; you want to break this family. Kavya says no, don’t do it. It’s my childhood dream; you’re misunderstanding. Badi Amma tells her to get out of this house.


Kavya gets a call. She tries to go out. Badi Amma locks her up.

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