Kavya 4th June 2024 Written Episode: Adi and Kavya’s Plan Faces Threats


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During the episode, Kavya comes home and tells Malini about Anjali. Malini reassures her. Adi comes and cheers her up. He asks her to smile. Malini asks them to get fresh and come. Kavya says she has an idea to convince her mother. Adi says she’s ordering it right now. Santu tells Kavya that my brother has become conscious. She hints to Kavya and Adi that the list is fake and we have to prove it. She calls Anubha, asks her to check the list entry, and runs to puke.

It is Adi’s way of asking, “Are you okay?”, “Take rest; is this a side effect of the new medicine?” and “Did you take the medicine?” Kavya replies, “I don’t know, I kept it in my purse.”. He checks the purse and doesn’t find it. He calls the doctor. He takes Kavya to the hospital, where the doctor tells her not to take risks in the first three months. Kavya is asked to take the medicine, but she says sorry, she is in a hurry. She leaves. Adi asks Kavya not to be so careless. Anubha meets them, and Kavya says Anubha is Shubh’s fiancée.

It’s hard for Adi to believe it. Anubha says we were engaged three months ago, ego, and it’s my best decision ever. He spits some water while drinking. Kavya asks Anubha if he took the guy’s statement or Manohar’s name. Anubha says no, he didn’t. The list will be final tomorrow. Kavya says we should stop this. He asks how. Kavya tells her plan. Anubha says he is with her.

After sharing all the details with Shubh, he commends and instructs her to complete her tasks. They express their love for each other, and she departs. As Kavya approaches, she warmly welcomes Anubha and invites her in. Admiring Anubha’s appearance, she comments that beautiful girls effortlessly attain everything they desire. Taken aback, Anubha questions if her achievements are solely based on her looks and if she lacks any talent. Kavya wonders why this surprises her, as it is indeed true. Feeling hurt by this assumption, Anubha defends herself, stating that she has worked hard to reach where she is today and never expected such a comment from Kavya. Kavya clarified that Shubh was the one who made the statement, and she was repeating it. Anubha clarified that Shubh had not made such a remark to her.

Kavya confirms his previous statement. Anubha wonders if Kavya is feeling envious of seeing her with Shubh. Kavya clarifies that he refers to Anubha and her fight to establish herself in a male-dominated society. He encourages her not to underestimate herself and reminds her that her romantic partner does not determine her worth. Anubha acknowledges that Shubh has been a supportive partner who has given her a new life; even her mother accepted him when they got engaged. However, she also recognizes that these actions may seem simple in words but can be challenging in reality.

Shubh calls Mishra and says I have finished my work, now your turn, Adi’s plan shouldn’t work. Kavya hugs her. She says you have achieved a lot, and you are an example. Giriraj says this list won’t get caught. He meets the man and asks him to make the cheque in Anjali’s name. A smile spreads across his face. Anjali calls Kavya and apologizes to her. Anjali says to stop sending mango crates. Kavya says I will handle it. Anjali gets upset and terminates the call.

Adi comes to support Kavya. Anubha comes. Kavya tells her not to share information with anyone. Anubha calls Shubh and tells him everything. She says Kavya is not doing anything wrong, so we should support her. He asks you if you’ll support Adi. He insulted me in front of everyone. Okay, do what you want. Either support them or me. He ends the call.

He says Anubha doesn’t deserve this, and she can’t marry Shubh. Kavya asks if she is more beautiful than me. He says she is. She says fine, go with her. He says not more attractive than you; wait for the baby’s arrival, and I’ll spoil him.

Her fever is mild, but the doctor said it might happen. He asks her to go home. She gets sad. Okay, I’ll take a break, but I’ll call security from the office, don’t go alone. He says nothing will happen to me. Something wrong feels as if it’s going to happen to her.


She comes to save Kavya. The goon pushes her down. Adi shouts to Kavya.

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