Kumkum Bhagya 11th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Monisha and RV’s Turmoil

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Kumkum Bhagya 11th April 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

The Episode commences with Deepika reminding Monisha of the potential consequences if anything were to happen to RV’s family. She advises Monisha to consider whether she wants RV to hate her. Monisha assures her that no harm will come to any family member. Grateful, Deepika expresses her gratitude. Just then, RV arrives on the scene. Monisha alters her statement, stating that she doesn’t trust anyone because often people claim to care but make you feel like you’re in the wrong when questioned. RV suggests she should have directly spoken with him and asks if she believes he has feelings for Poorvi.

Monisha told RV to be honest and tell Poorvi that he doesn’t love her but loves Monisha. RV then calls Poorvi and tells her he has something to say. Poorvi asks what it is, and RV says he doesn’t like her but thanks her for all she did for Dadi. Surprised, Poorvi commends RV for his newfound kindness. However, RV warns her not to expect him to always be good in the future, as no one knows what the future holds. As Poorvi leaves, RV reflects on his character and expresses that he cannot harm anyone without a reason and will remain true to himself. Monisha tearfully bids farewell and exits as well.

Karthik asks KK/Ranbir to tell him what he said to him. KK/Ranbir asks why you call Prachi your girlfriend when she is your wife. He is upset that Prachi has forgotten him. Karthik tells him not to remember her and not to think about her. Prachi was never his, so don’t think about her, according to Ranbir.

Khushi voices her observation to RV, stating that she noticed his actions. He responds by reminding her not to trust everything she sees and insists that he is telling the truth. Revealing his guilt for involving Khushi’s sister in his schemes, he also brings up her past actions towards him. Khushi cautions him to be wary of his boundaries. In turn, RV points out how Armaan mistreats Khushi’s sister and advises her not to provoke him further. Just then, Armaan arrives and asks about their conversation. RV assures him that everything is fine and suggests asking Khushi for confirmation. Armaan turns to Khushi and questions what is happening between them, noting her unusual behavior whenever RV is around.

Upon receiving Bijli’s call, Prachi agrees to come over. Khushi inquires if everything is alright, to which Prachi explains the need for thread and a dupatta. Khushi suggests sending it to someone else, but Prachi admits she can’t recall where she put it. Offering to handle things, Khushi embraces her. Meanwhile, Jaswant advises RV not to stare at her as they can be content with just one person in life. RV confesses he has no one unique. Jaswant brings up Poorvi’s name, prompting Khushi to ask Prachi to retrieve her bangle. Assenting silently, Armaan glances at Khushi and asks for clarification.

Vaishali asks whether she should fix the dupatta. Tashu tells her it is not necessary, as Prachi has gone to get a dupatta for her. Vaishali tells her Harleen wanted her to be with her since Prachi organized her wedding and is one of our relatives. She tells her that KK doesn’t like RV but loves Poorvi a lot. Poorvi comes there. Tashu says they were discussing her. Poorvi asks her if their marriage is love.

Poorvi reveals that their marriage was based on understanding; he knew he wanted to marry her and now takes care of her with great devotion. Suddenly, Amar Dayal’s henchmen arrive in disguise and lock Poorvi in the bathroom before kidnapping Tashu. While overhearing Khushi complain to Armaan about his lack of time for her, RV explains that he works hard to provide for her needs. However, upon hearing them argue, RV wonders if Khushi truly has a heart and if Armaan would be a better husband for her instead. Amid this chaos, Poorvi contacts RV and urgently informs him about Tashu’s abduction, pleading for him to rescue her.

As he tells her he won’t leave, RV says she will learn to request. As it is late, Tashu’s mother asks Vishaka to start the starters, and Vishaka asks the waiter to do so. The waiter brings the starters and serves them to the guests. The kidnappers try to take Tashu, and RV tries to stop them. He fights with them. Poorvi calls RV, thinking she will save Tashu. She exits the bathroom through the window.

While the other goon fights with RV, the goon takes Tashu in the car. Poorvi gets out and takes Tashu. They fight the goons, and they run away. Poorvi asks RV if he is okay. They argue. Tashu asks them not to tell anything inside and to let the wedding happen now. RV says they will know who did this after the wedding. She says they shall enter through the back door. Poorvi asks RV if he heard. He says yes.


The goon attacks RV, and he falls. The other goon says he is dead. Vaishali prevents Dadi from having Palak paneer. After eating, the guests’ condition deteriorates. Monisha says the plan worked.

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