Dabangii 4th January 2024 Written Episode Update: Arya’s Quest to Find Her Mother

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The Episode begins with Arya asking Tanmay about Damini. Tanmay says Ekalavya is lying, you’re mad, I don’t want to speak to you. He goes. Ekalavya says he is lying. Arya says I know, he told what you heard. He denies it, tell me what he said. Ekalavya tells her. Ankush’s words come to mind. Arya asks why. Ekalavya says Ankush is good, but if he lied, then… Arya says yes, he lied to me, he kept me away from mum.

The answer is yes, but Baba cannot lie. She says perhaps Ankush also lied to him, Tanmay was telling him the truth, my mum is alive. Ankush prays for Damini. Arya says she’s going to hug her. It’s important that you don’t tell Baba anything, otherwise he’ll tell Ankush, and he won’t let you meet your mother. Arya says yes, I’m going to meet her, and they hear the man saying Satya will meet a special person in the white car tomorrow.

Arya mentioned that Satya would be leaving in the morning. I plan on accompanying him in his car and reaching mum’s place. Ekalavya reminds me to keep it a secret while Tanmay and Kasturi happily smile. Despite my desire to meet Mum, I must inform Dad about this as it will make him happy. Once Arya exits our lives, Tanmay will emerge as the victor. To keep Ankush out of the loop, Arya conceals his details. My priority right now is meeting Damini. Satya blesses Tanmay and enthusiastically states that we will soon have the opportunity to meet the PM together, motivating Tanmay, who smiles brightly at the thought. Kasturi shares our joy as well.

Arya thinks I will get mad meeting my mother, so I must talk to her. Satya calls to discuss his plan. Baba asks why you got late today. Ankush asks why you did not sleep until now. Go and sleep. Arya says yes. Bela and Zai come home. Bela says I left the house; I don’t have responsibility towards Baba, and Zai feeds Baba Kheer every year.

Thanks for being here with Bela and Zai, Baba says Ankush never remembers my birthday. Arya hugs and wishes Baba. Baba blesses Bela and Ankush. Zai gives the gift. Baba says it’s fantastic. Zai provides the kheer to everyone. Ankush says it’s tasty. Baba asks Zai to feed Arya the kheer. Arya gets angry. Baba coughs. Ankush and Bela go get water.

Arya thinks I didn’t get any gift for Baba. Aai prays and keeps sweets in the temple. Maina says you always make sweets on dad’s birthday, so you should go and wish him. Aai says you can do that too, Bela and Zai also went there. It is nice to see the kurta, but I have another question, can we spend the day together as a family, will Zai and you come for my birthday celebration. Zai says yes, but Arya won’t join us.

Arya assures us that everything will be alright if we stick together. Just save some cake for me. She plans to slip away once Ankush and Baba depart. “I’m heading off to bed,” she announces before exiting. Zai chimes in, “That sounds perfect. Let’s plan on going out tomorrow.” Both Zai and Bela make their way out. Ankush expresses his reluctance to leave Arya behind. Baba agrees but reminds him it’s an opportunity to have a private conversation with Bela. “I hope Bela returns and Satya gets caught,” Ankush says wistfully. Meanwhile, Dinkar phones Vijay and notes his recent absence from the police station. Vijay responds, “I haven’t been feeling well.” He fibs before abruptly ending the call.

Ekalavya meets Arya. She asks him to do her work. He gives her some items. Kasturi says Zai told me you fed kheer to Baba, so you are going out together, which is good. Aai taunts Kasturi. Kasturi leaves. Aai says you did well, Bela, and that there will be happiness if you stay together. Bela says I am just going for Zai’s happiness and Baba’s respect. Arya prays.

Baba says you are sensible. Arya thinks sorry, I don’t like to lie, I cannot live without my mum. She hugs him and says I’ll miss you. She gives him a card. He likes it. Ankush says it’s beautiful. She prays that Bappa will always listen to you and bring back Bela.


Arya reaches some place. She sees the kids captured. She gets locked. The girl says there’s no use shouting. Satya says Arya is clever there shouldn’t be any problems. Ankush receives a phone call.

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