Pandya Store 27th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Tensions Rise Before Dhawal’s Haldi Ceremony

Pandya Store

Pandya Store 27th December 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with Isha halting Natasha and presenting her with the bangles. She explains that they were a gift from Yash, but Natasha claims they belong to Dhara. Isha then tearfully embraces Natasha, apologizing for not continuing her relationship with Yash due to fate intervening. Meanwhile, Dhawal observes from a distance as Amba declares there is no need for proof, as she believes Natasha is always up to no good. After Isha’s departure, Natasha also leaves the scene. This situation illustrates the impact of doubt and the importance of resolving it, wouldn’t you agree Rohan? Rohan reassures Dhawal that he will gather evidence and end any uncertainties.

Amba says you did not have food. Suhani says that’s okay. Suhani and Rohan leave. Chutki and Chiku leave. Suman asks about Chutki and Chiku. Chiku gets sweets. He says I will find Natasha. Suman asks why sweets. Chiku says I got a job. They smile. Mittu thinks you should give me pocket money. Chiku says fine. Natasha comes. Suman asks where you went. He says I’ll work as a construction manager. He thinks I’ll earn 25000 rupees a month.

Chiku says Natasha, Isha has returned your bangles. He takes it. He gives it to Suman. Natasha says I didn’t understand your love, she cried for you, Isha’s marriage got fixed somewhere, it’s okay. Mittu says don’t get sad, we will get her, come. He says Natasha visits Dhawal’s house every day. Chiku is also crying, so the house will lose peace.

When Shesh asks about the Pandya store, she says it is being renovated and will look better than the mall soon. Chiku thinks I will take revenge for the wrong that happened to you. He goes. Suman worries. She says whenever Chiku tried to get happiness, he got sorrow, he loved a girl he could never be like, don’t know what’s happening. Her prayers are for Chiku and Natasha’s happiness.

Hetal suggests that they should take action since Dhawal trusts and loves Natasha. Pranali proposes locking them in a room and encouraging them to reconcile. Hetal emphasizes the importance of strengthening their relationship rather than damaging theirs. Pranali reminds them that they only have two days left. Meanwhile, Dhawal plans to call and meet Natasha but overhears Sandeep talking about her and becomes furious. Natasha arrives at the scene, and Dhawal ends up fighting with Sandeep. She intervenes and stops the fight, but others start gossiping about her. Natasha takes charge and scolds the people before asking them to leave.

Pandit blessed the marriage and celebrations, and Amba expressed her gratitude. Dhawal reprimanded Sandeep for his actions and also scolded Natasha. She retorted that he no longer had the authority to intervene and should leave. He advised her to use her intelligence and avoid associating with negative influences. Natasha explained that she was only trying to prevent wrongdoing, but he assured her everything was under control. He reminded her not to cause unnecessary trouble for the family and requested that she keep her distance.

It makes Natasha sad, so she leaves. Rohan calls Amba. She tells Amrish about the wedding date. She says Amrish will handle all the details. Rohan calls Isha, but she isn’t answering my call. Amba says there might be no network in the room, so I will make you speak with her. Isha cries sadly as she tells Rohan about the wedding date. Dhawal returns home. Amba asks what happened. He doesn’t respond. She asks if you’re okay, the pandit gave you the wedding mahurat. He’s shocked.


He says it’s my haldi tomorrow, with Suhani. Natasha sobs.

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