Pandya Store 6th August 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 6th August 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Suman spotting the guy and his family. She admires his good looks. Meanwhile, Dhawal is on the lookout for Natasha, who has decided to skip college for the day. Grateful for her help, he thanks the girl who informed him of Natasha’s absence. Chirag takes a glance at Natasha’s photo while Suman instructs Shesh and Mittu to escort her to the room. However, Natasha refuses to go through with the marriage proposal. As Chirag continues his search for her, Dhawal reports that he has been unsuccessful in finding her. Frustrated by his bad luck, Chirag exclaims that life has dealt him an unfortunate hand once again. But Dhawal interrupts and suggests a brilliant idea that gets them both excited. Sensing trouble, Natasha pleads with Suman to listen but is ignored as Shesh expresses his concerns about revealing her health condition to the potential groom’s family. In response, Suman reassures them that there is no harm in bending the truth a little and Mittu reluctantly agrees only if she can rely on Suman’s lies. In the meantime, Natasha pleads for them to open the door but Shesh warns her

Dhawal plans to have Natasha beat him, causing you to cry. We will then involve the family, who will declare me as being in critical condition. We can then pressure her to sign the store papers or face being charged with attempted murder and going to jail. Amrish, you, and Dolly will all be pleased with this outcome. Chirag agrees and Suman praises Natasha’s good thinking. However, she decides not to mention the kidney problem. She speaks with the man and assures him that your son has good intentions and will assist him greatly. Pranali approves of the plan but wonders what benefit she will receive from it.

Dhawal suggests using my pocket money for shopping. The address has been sent, please come soon. However, Hetal is hesitant due to potential danger. Pranali proposes discussing the matter outside. Amba and Chabeli observe in silence as she decides to find out their destination. Suman shares her unfortunate loss of family but finds solace in her grandchildren. She requests support for Natasha, to which the guy agrees, stating that one should stand by loved ones in both good and bad times. In Suman’s imagination, Natasha and the guy are seen happily dancing and romancing to the song “Tohfa Laya”, bringing tears of joy to her eyes. Shesh gives her a reassuring sign.

Dhawal and Chirag meet Mittu at the Pandya store. Chirag engages Mittu. Dhawal looks inside the house and wonders where Natasha is.

As Natasha calls Mittu, Dhawal comes to her window. He thinks sorry, I have to do this for Amrish. He takes Natasha with him. They get up and start arguing. It angers Natasha. He says I will ruin this store. She stops him.

He speaks to Pranali on the phone and says there is still time. Natasha and Dhawal share a moment. Amba and her Bahus arrive.


Natasha scolds him and says you will never be able to get this Pandya store. Dhawal asks how I shall convince her now.


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