Barsatein – Mausam Pyar Ka 4th September 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 4th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aradhana begins the episode by taking the interviews. Reyansh goes after her. She goes. O saajna mere…plays… He says Aradhana is diabetic, she doesn’t eat sweets. When she asks if you are my mummy, he says you do not know who your mummy is. She wonders why anyone could be so insensitive. She does makeup and says she can’t get the same amount of confidence as Kriti. He compliments Kriti. Arnab flirts with Aradhana. Reyansh looks on and flirts with Kriti.

Aradhana asks why are these toxic guys in my fate. Sunaina wishes Aradhana all the best. Malini sees Aradhana and asks how she is doing. Aradhana says she is fine. Malini says she called me mumma yesterday, which suits her well. She smiles. Aradhana says she… Malini says you miss your mumma, right, I can understand, you’re here, you’re surrounded by family.

If Kimaya is going to Jindal family, Aradhana thinks I must know the truth. She goes to Alka. She says we’ll interview the groom’s parents. She asks them to talk about their Bahu. She and her husband praise Kimaya. Aradhana says thanks, done, I’ll take the mic off. They go. Aradhana believes I’ll keep an eye out for you. She wears the headphones, listens to them via the spy bug, and learns about their true intentions.

Alka compliments getting the idol early and praises the cleverness of the girl, questioning how much longer this drama will continue. However, she then criticizes Kimaya’s appearance. He swiftly interrupts, reminding them that they must send the idol out of the city to avoid Aradhana. Suddenly, he notices a bug and rushes to Aradhana’s side. She removes her headphones and asks Arnab to listen to a song from the movie Dreamgirl, explaining that it reminds her of seeing them together. Alka’s husband Jindal commends her for conducting in-depth interviews, while she pretends to be listening to music. Jindal walks away, calling for Aradhana, and reminds her that he has a microphone which may interfere with her interview. Grateful for his help, she thanks him kindly.

Aradhana says I’ll see the camera setup and come. Aradhana thinks Jindals are criminals, who should I mention to them. Sunaina says Aradhana thinks Jindals are involved in idol scams. Reyansh asks what, fighting with them is dangerous. As adamant as she is, she asks what you will do.

Alka recalls Viren’s betrayal towards her brother, Naagender Nath. She vows to seek revenge on Kimaya by tarnishing her reputation. Viren and Malini invite them over. Komal catches Vikram and Reyansh sharing a romantic moment with Aradhana. Excited, she nudges Kriti to take a look. As Reyansh gazes lovingly at Aradhana, Arnab catches him in the act and playfully teases him. However, when Arnab notices Reyansh’s advances, he sternly warns him to stay away. Kriti reveals that Vikram was discussing a plan with Arnab earlier. To calm the tension, Aradhana asks Komal to join her and bring peace. Despite being saved by Komal, Arnab still fears Reyansh’s intimidating presence. As they continue to play truth or dare, Reyansh eagerly agrees and challenges everyone to face reality head on.

Everyone plays the game. Kriti asks Reyansh about his ex. Reyansh tells about his love. He thinks of Aradhana. He says only fortunate people have such love. Everyone claps. Aradhana looks at him.


Aradhana says one can’t forgive until one remembers that cheat. Reyansh says he wants one chance with you, he wants one chance to change.

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