Kavya – Ek Jazbaa Ek Junoon 29th November 2023 Written Update

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The Episode begins with Gauri urging Anjali to tell Rajeev the truth. She believes that Shubh’s love for Kavya is unwavering and he will do anything for her happiness. As proof, Shubh even assists Rajeev by putting on his slippers. Seeing this, Anjali can’t help but shed tears. Gauri advises Anjali to consider everything carefully before making a decision. Eventually, Anjali approaches Rajeev, who happens to be in the company of Shubh and Kavya. Sensing a tense atmosphere, Kavya offers to fetch some water for Anjali. After drinking it, Anjali reassures everyone that she is alright. At that moment, Gauri signals Shubh to carry out their plan. While Mayank asks Adi about his whereabouts, Adi responds that he is determined to reclaim his lost respect and is willing to go the extra mile to find it.

Mayank asks what Shubh said. Adi says that I would be insulted if I came here, your sister is blind, can’t she see Shubh is a disgusting man, she’ll marry him and regret it. He asks who said this. Mayank says she went to your house to say sorry for marrying him. Adi asks why, tell me. Mayank says she learned about the letter, and you signed it.

Kavya inquires about Jaideep’s condition with the doctor, who assures her that he is stable but still in danger. She then requests to briefly visit him and heads to his room. Meanwhile, the doctor catches Gauri for a conversation. Kavya sits by Jaideep’s side and affectionately holds his hand while talking to him. To her delight, Jaideep regains consciousness and expresses how much she means to him as not only his student but also like a daughter. Just then, Gauri enters the room. Overwhelmed with emotions, Kavya asks for Jaideep’s continuous blessings and guidance in her life. She tearfully admits that she cannot imagine being apart from him. Adi interrupts their heartfelt moment and questions if she said something important to Jaideep earlier. Mayank intervenes and clarifies that Kavya found out on her own about not having to marry Shubh as she likes someone else instead. Curious, Adi asks who the person is.

Adi smiles and says listen, Kavya said this, right. Mayank asks him to go ask her. Adi hugs him. He goes to Kavya. Jaideep promises her.

As he says, I want you to become my Bahu, Kavya is shocked. Gauri asks, “Please say yes, Kavya.” She folds her hands and says, “If I stay as your daughter then… Jaideep says that if this was my last moment, I would have wanted you to be my Bahu.” Adi watches as he speaks.

Gauri says please say yes. Kavya says I’ll come. She goes out. Naina…plays… She sees Adi. Adi thinks nothing is impossible for you, you won’t take the wrong decision. She wonders what to do. He thinks choose me. Anjali comes there and sees them sitting away and smiling. He gets Kavya’s family photo. He says I met someone else.

Gauri comes over. She says Jaideep is calling you and asking what you think. Kavya goes to Jaideep. Adi waves bye to her. She smiles.

Mayank and Adi watch. Jaideep says I wish the decision was in my favor. Shubh says yes, family happiness is her happiness. Gauri asks Kavya to go. Rajeev says take some time and think, Kavya. Gauri says I understand what it takes to be an IAS officer. We are with Kavya there. Adi becomes tense. A man arrives.

He asks what you want, tell me. The man says I have to tell Shubh’s truth to Kavya. Anjali asks Kavya to tell what’s on her mind.

Kavya says you asked me for Guru Dakshina before, I chose my duty and today I chose my family and your happiness. Adi cries. Shubh smiles. Gauri says I’m very happy. She makes Kavya wear bangles. Kavya smiles and leaves. Mayank cries and says he doesn’t understand what she did. Adi says she kept Guru Dharm, so go see her.


The watchman tells the truth to Kavya, who scolds Shubh. Shubh threatens Kavya.

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