Agnisakshi 5th May 2023 Written Update

Agnisakshi 5th May 2023 Written Episode Update on

When Rajnandini asks Satvik to break Jeevika’s heart to save her life, Satvik says he cannot break Jeevika’s heart because she has kept this house together. Rajnandini says you cannot ruin her future to save her today and asks what you will save from her emotions and life, and she says her life is the right choice. While she says she will hurt today, she will understand later, and she will have a chance to find a life partner and children if she separates from you.

She mentions that she is aware of your love for Supriya, and how she was your first love just as you were hers. After her remarriage, she fears that she will constantly compare her new husband to you and ultimately be dissatisfied. She also worries that divorce will not be an option at that point. Therefore, she urges you to pretend to hate her instead of loving her. She admits to playing conflicting games. Jeevika then approaches Rajnandini and reminds her to prioritize self-care. In response, Rajnandini explains that she is fulfilling her duties and living up to everyone’s expectations.

Her question is whether Jeevika is happy here, as she says these earrings look good on you. She says yes and tells that Satvik talks to her. Rajnandini tells her not to give up on Satvik and not to leave him. Satvik was burdened by responsibilities after Udkarsh left and Papa became ill. She says Satvik might not say it, but he loves you, and Jeevika is thrilled. Rajnandini asks her to leave, and thinks Jeevika will light the diya of love and Satvik will ignite it.

Then Juhi asks Shlok why he has not slept yet. Shlok says there is no time for exercise. Juhi says you would have got me if you ran behind me. She asks him what kind of wife he wants. Shlok says he wants a simple girl like Jeevika, who is with him through all the ups and downs. Juhi says you prefer dal chawal rather than butter chicken.

After remembering Rajnandini’s words, Satvik goes to Rajnandini and says, “I think you are right, it was my mistake that Jeevika came so close to me and had hopes with me.” Rajnandini says he will go far from her, and will make her hate him. While I understand that making this decision is difficult, I am proud of you.

Jeevika arrives with coffee for Satvik as he is getting ready for work. Expressing concern, she reminds him of his tight schedule. Understanding her words, Satvik shares his hesitation in going to the office because of the formal attire, particularly the tie. Jeevika reassures him that comfort should be a priority over fashion and hands him his bag. However, Satvik reminds her that he is not a child who needs to be taken care of. As he starts to leave, Jeevika tries to hold him back and playfully calls out to him. Confused, Satvik questions her actions but soon realizes that Shlok has arrived and they both share a laugh together. Jeevika then mentions that something is amiss with Satvik’s outfit and suggests he wears pants instead of shorts. Agreeing with her opinion, Satvik heads off to change into a more suitable attire.

As Mr. Rao approaches the clients, Satvik is stopped by security. Rajnandini arrives. Mr. Rao tries to tell him about Rajnandini, but she confesses to her crimes and says Satvik will never believe his lies, so Satvik asks Rao to leave. Rao tries to alert Satvik, but it is ineffective.

Jeevika is asked what happened by Rajnandini. Jeevika says Satvik’s behavior was different today. Rajnandini thinks Satvik might be busy. As Jeevika gets down the stairs, she asks Juhi for help. Juhi pushes Jeevika and causes her to fall down. Satvik holds Jeevika and says he’s sorry. She tries to look at his hand, which was injured while saving her.

In the room, Jeevika brings medicine and asks Satvik to lift his shirt so that she can apply the ointment. Satvik refuses to let her touch him. He says he will ask Aadhya to do it. Aadhya asks him to ask Vahini to do it. Jeevika folds her hands and asks her to do it. Satvik watches her in the mirror.

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