Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd August 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain 23rd August 2023 Written Episode Update on

When Akshara said his school was getting missed, he asked how he could focus. Abhimanyu said time would heal. Muskaan thought he came just when he had free time. Dadi tells Abhir to wake up, as it’s not good to sleep in the evening. She says we’ll go out. He says no, let me sleep. She says I’ll get hot milk. He says no, I’m going to Disneyland, you won’t let me sleep. She wonders why he is so angry. Ruhi suggests taking Abhir to Disneyland to make him happy.

Abhimanyu expresses his desire for his family, prompting Aarohi to question whether Maasa has become as successful as Papa. The news brings sadness to Aarohi and Manjiri, but Abhimanyu reassures them that Maasa will always be there to lend a helping hand. Aarohi comforts Manjiri by holding her hand. Suwarna wonders when their lives will return to normal, to which Muskaan echoes the same sentiment before telling them to go to sleep. As they spot Abhir watching TV, Suwarna asks him why he’s not sleeping. Abhir responds with frustration, saying that his mother is in the room and he wants to watch TV since she doesn’t let him do so at night. Akshara notices the tension and signals for them to stop arguing. Suwarna gives in and lets Abhir watch TV while they all leave the room. Before leaving, Akshara advises Abhir not to be stubborn.

In the morning, Abhir looks at Abhinav’s picture and mentions that it was his favorite food – tea and cake. He then goes on to eat the cake. Manish asks why he needs to go to Kasauli now that the case is over. Akshara replies saying that her life is there, and even though Abhinav won’t be there, she will manage. She hopes that it will make Abhir happy, so she will work hard for him. Suwarna adds that his memories are there as well. Akshara agrees and says that memories are a good thing to have. Kairav and others try to console her. Meanwhile, Abhir sips on his tea. Dadi advises Akshara to think of Abhimanyu once in a while. However, Abhimanyu humbly declines, saying that she need not think about him. Suddenly, they see Abhimanyu at the door with Aarohi and their children. He clarifies that he has no intention of taking Abhinav’s place but is more than willing to take up any responsibilities needed from him in the family. Akshara thanks him gratefully while Muskaan leaves the room

Abhir is coming. Akshara and Abhimanyu go and see Abhir. When they see him, they ask him to open his eyes and get up. Abhir gets up and says he slept here because he was feeling sleepy. Abhimanyu apologizes for not being with you during the difficult time, I am your doctor. Asking if you are okay, she asks Abhir to play with Ruhi and Shivu, Abhir asks her to make Abhinav’s favourite tea and cake. She nods. He leaves.

Akshara informs the group that Abhir was asleep and requested for some tea and cake. Manish and the others also provided him with the same, as he had asked them to do so. Kairav mentions that he too made tea for Abhir because he seemed upset. Surekha adds that she also gave him some tea and cake. Akshara and Abhimanyu then rush over to check on Abhir’s whereabouts. Ruhi informs them that he is in the bathroom. Akshara expresses her concern about how he managed to sleep after consuming so much tea. Abhimanyu notes that the cake had a high sugar content. However, upon checking the bathroom, they discover that Abhir is not there. In an attempt to locate him, everyone begins searching for him. Suddenly, they hear his voice coming from his room and quickly rush over to find out what’s going on. Aarohi and Manish join them and question why he ate so much cake and drank multiple cups of tea. To make matters worse, when Manish attempts to place a photo frame in his room, Abhir refuses to take it from him. After observing his behavior, Abhimanyu suggests that he might be

Apparently, Abhir is suffering from depression. It is the first stage; he is overeating and that is bad for his health. He doesn’t talk or sleep on time, he says he lost his father and feels lost. Abhimanyu asks what can we do to convince him we are there for him. He says there shouldn’t be anything stressful, since he was close to Abhinav, it’s clear, you must focus on Abhir and forget everything else.

Akshara recalls Abhir’s words. Akshara and Abhimanyu have a talk. She says he is very little. He says we have to do everything we can to make him happy. Both of us can’t support Abhir, so the entire family needs to be there. Abhimanyu says we will bring everyone together. She says Kanha ji gave us this chance to end the differences between the sorrow. Abhimanyu says we need to fight his depression. He holds her hand.

The two families see each other. Abhimanyu says Abhir needs both the families, so can we forget our problems and support Akshara and me. Akshara asks if you will forget everything for Abhir’s sake.


Abhir goes. Abhimanyu says he is suffering from depression. Akshara says he is nowhere. They check the cupboard.


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