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Alka asks Aradhana why she came here. Malini says that they got stuck here. Aradhana apologizes, I came here to get my purse, I didn’t realize you kept your stuff here. Alka says take care of yourself, why did you break the bottle. Aradhana says we were looking for something. Alka asks what. Malini says they had no water and food, she was hungry, Vikram panicked, I’ll handle your stuff, give me your list, sorry. She warns Aradhana and leaves. Alka says it’s okay.

Aradhana apologizes, to which Malini reassures her that it was not her fault and she will take care of everything. Aradhana then approaches the servant and apologizes, who explains that Alka often creates problems without any reason and has already taken her belongings before Aradhana arrived. Confused, she asks for clarification and Reyansh assumes that she hates him. Arnab intervenes and Kriti and Komal burst out laughing. Later, Aradhana wakes up Reyansh and jokingly suggests leaving for the office as he can come in late. As Reyansh opens his eyes, he sees Arnab standing over him. He teases her about a dream he had involving Arnab, who brushes it off playfully. Reyansh then checks his missed calls from Vivek.

Reyansh calls Vivek. He says I heard you aren’t feeling well, tigers don’t get sick. Vivek says yes, I miss you, Kadambari has gone to Banaras, she said she wanted some time. Reyansh says she should also look out for others. She’s an artist, so I always give her time to perform. Vivek asks who will manage the business? Reyansh says I’m okay. Come to me, if you’re not okay, ask Shambhu to get you here.

In reply to Vivek’s question, Reyansh recalls Aradhana’s words. He says, “I’m sorry dad, I didn’t do right, she doesn’t trust me, I gave her trauma, she put herself in danger, her mental health will be adversely affected, so I don’t deserve her forgiveness.” Vivek says you’ll win your love, I’m coming. Reyansh says you’re getting a film, so I’ll see you soon.

The two have a conversation about Jindals. She asks Beena how Alka is. She says Alka is very cunning, and Aradhana thinks Angad would be good. Don’t ask me how Angad wooed Kimaya, Alka’s brother had been in jail, he had stolen from the museum, and Alka behaves like a social worker. She argues with Rajan. Aradhana asks what’s his name, try to recall. Beena says he did the theft, but his whole family got defamed, Narender. Reyansh arrives and greets Beena.

Seeing Aradhana and Reyansh argue, she says this is Tashan. She thinks he will irritate me again. She says you came again. He says to get coffee. Beena says you enjoy the coffee here. Reyansh and Aradhana argue, and she says this is Tashan, you were boring and toxic. She says you are also an alpha male, toxic. Such guys are dangerous. He replies yes, he will find a nice girl who will change him. Beena taunts Rajan.

Reyansh tells Aradhana she is going to work. Beena tells Aradhana to sit in the car, she is not safe. Aradhana says no. Beena says go, he’s here. Aradhana says he’s having coffee, I can’t be late, my boss is arrogant, so she leaves. Beena says she’s gone, will you go now? Reyansh says I’ll go, and I’ll take the mug. She says I’ll return the cup later. Reyansh and Aradhana are on their way. He said people talked nicely to their boss. Aradhana taunted him.

A lead on the idol has been found. She goes to the office and talks to Sunaina and Tripathi. Tripathi says Beena is a little weird. Sunaina says we will consult Viren. He says nothing should go wrong. He leaves. Sunaina says he is right. Aradhana says she saw Alka’s stuff in that house, she took it one night before. Sunaina says Malini might be involved. Aradhana says no, she cannot.

Sunaina tells Reyansh to relax, and not treat her like a close relative. While Aradhana is reminded of Malini, she believes the Jindals are involved in this, but urges Reyansh not to be informed as she wants to handle the situation herself. However, while colliding with Reyansh, Aradhana is interrupted by him playing “Kya kya hai tu ne”. Despite his attempts to talk to her, she leaves. Tripathi inquires about their well-being, but Reyansh dismisses it and asks him to return to work. Meanwhile, Aradhana speaks with Pooja on the phone about not wanting to repeat the mistake of being trapped together all night. Pooja advises her to forgive Sunaina and not give into weakness. On the other hand, while speaking on the phone with Vikram, Reyansh admits his regret for mistreating Aradhana and recognizes that she is frightened of him due to the trauma he caused.

Vikram believes you are pursuing her like a stalker. Aradhana calls him a haunting nightmare. Pooja claims he doesn’t know how to apologize and wants to make amends. However, Aradhana declares that she has no desire for him, as he broke her heart. Reyansh acknowledges that she will not forgive him. Vikram suggests that she must decide whether she wants his forgiveness or something else, as she will not return to him. Reyansh admits that he desires to change for her sake. Pooja mentions that Reyansh is making an effort to change and apologizes, and asks if you also recognize his remorse. Reyansh expresses his desire for redemption. Vikram advises him not to pressure her too much. Aradhana firmly states that she will never forgive him.


Reyansh says you don’t know who your mom is. Malini says you called me mumma. Reyansh says Jindals are dangerous.

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