Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 6th August 2023 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 6th August 2023 Written Episode Update on

Surekha asks Ishan what happened. Ishan says Isha personally came and got the girl’s admission. Ishan says he can’t bear her face. Asmita says he shouldn’t say that for his mother, that she must be experiencing her own issues that she left him helplessly alone. Surekha shouts at her not to call Isha a mother. Ishan says he used to wait near a window for his mother, but she never returned.

Assurekha comforts him, she says if Shantanu hadn’t called Isha there, she wouldn’t have dared to come there. This is all happening because Shantanu hasn’t divorced Isha yet. As Shantanu walks in and asks why she thought he would divorce Isha, Yashwanth shouts at him. Shantanu says that he is not a kid that he forces him to do things. He orders Ishan to either divorce Isha or leave their house because he is getting affected.

Vinu informs Bhavani that Savi’s principal had given Isha her transfer certificate. Bhavani questions how the principal could do so without the family’s consent, as he had warned them not to. Vinu mentions that there were other members in the family involved as well. Just then, Ashwini enters and Vinu reveals that Bhavani had helped Isha acquire Savi’s TC. However, Ashwini interrupts and tells him to stop. Meanwhile, Kiran confronts Savi for humiliating him at college. She defends herself by asking why he had accused her of stealing when Harini herself had given her the bangles. To this, Kiran responds that Harini’s jewelry belongs to him and she has no right to give it away. In return, Savi argues that it is Harini’s stree dhan and she has every right to use it as she pleases.

Kiran threatens to call Bhavani and report Savi’s actions. Despite Harini’s pleading, he follows through and informs Bhavani that Savi has caused a scene. Without hesitation, Bhavani orders Kiran to kick Savi out of the house, stating that she is not important to her and only Harini and Vinu are her grandchildren. However, Savi bravely takes the phone and asks Bhavani not to say such hurtful things. She explains that she has gotten into college and will work towards fixing things between them slowly. Suddenly, Bhavani starts feeling unwell and collapses. The family rushes to her side, with Vinu taking charge of treating her. Meanwhile, Bhavani continues to spew curses at Savi. Feeling guilty, Savi calls Vinu to check on Bhavani’s condition. But Bhavani angrily tells her not to contact them again and curses her once more. In an attempt to diffuse the situation, Ashwini takes the phone from Savi and kindly requests for some space by refraining from contacting them for a few days. Heartbroken, Savi can’t help but cry as she recalls all the hatred that Bhavani holds towards her.

As Ishan lies in bed, he remembers how Isha supported Savi. His inner voice tells him he loves his mother and desires her attention. Ishan denies. His inner voice insists he call his mother. Ishan picks up the phone, but refuses to contact Isha. Their argument continues.


Savi is bullied and locked in a room by Anvi, Durva, and their friends.


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