Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 26th September 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 26th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Pammi arriving at Vandana’s residence and giving instructions for the house to be renovated. However, Vijay promptly requests her to leave. A heated argument follows, during which she mentions that Kunal will come and kick them out of the house. This statement leaves Vijay and Aaji feeling dejected. Meanwhile, Kunal meets with potential investors who express interest in investing in Kanak Records but have one condition – they want their daughter Naina to record the first album. Kunal is pleased and asks Naina if she sings. She happily responds in affirmation, explaining that music is her passion. The investor praises Naina’s singing abilities, prompting Kunal to invite her to try recording in the studio right away. Vandana accompanies Naina as she joins Kunal to test her skills in the studio.

Naina goes to sing. She asks Vandana to move away. She gets photos taken. The man wishes her the best. Naina says thanks, I’m so excited, I’m recording my first song. Bobby asks what. Kunal thinks to seal the deal. Naina signs. Bobby holds him. The man praises his daughter. Kunal says yes, she is great.

Kunal gets upset. Vandana says the studio mic is sensitive and she should sing in a low tone. Naina asks what is wrong and tells her dad. Kunal says I m done with this. The man scolds Kunal.

He says Naina is star material, just ignore Vandana. Kunal says we’ll record it whenever you want. Naina says she’s done. They leave. Kunal goes and shouts at Vandana. She says she’s gonna cause a lot of loss for you, I’m just giving her a tip, sorry. Kunal scolds and fires her. She begs him and says don’t fire me. He asks her to leave. He says I have to beg him and convince him. She comes home crying and sees her family. She turns and wipes her tears. She says she’s fine.

I didn’t teach you to lie, Vijay says. Aaji asks if you told you anything. Vandana says no, I won’t have time to make Bappa idol, but don’t worry, I will manage. Vandana thinks to make some preparations. Kunal sits angry and says I need the investment from Mr. Jamani, Vandana ruined it. Bobby apologizes, but Vandana’s voice and singing are much better than Naina’s.

According to Kunal, my main focus should be on investing. Bobby assures me that Vandana left a comment for Naina’s benefit, intending to improve the company. Concerned, she packs some food and grains while shedding tears, worried that Kunal may kick us out again. It’s then that she notices something and hurries off. As Kunal remains inside the studio, Vandana catches sight of a fire spreading from the switch box into the studio. She rushes to extinguish it. Meanwhile, Kunal smells smoke and exits the studio to find Vandana there. She instructs him to stay put as she handles the situation.


Kunal says Bappa won’t go anywhere. He protects the pandal. Kunal and Bobby dance. Vandana watches.

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