Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 30th November 2023 Written Update: Tara Chooses Her Custodian

Baatein Kuch Ankahee See

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 30th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Pammi signing Sonia while Vandana brings Tara to the exact location and signs Kunal. Both parties express their desire for full custody of Tara as the judge arrives and the hearing commences. Amidst the arguments between Kunal and Sonia, the judge decides to speak directly with Tara. However, Vandana urges Tara to cover her ears during the conversation. Despite this, the judge asks Tara if she will talk to them, but Tara declines. Kunal suggests that Tara come closer while she requests Vandana’s presence. The judge then insists on speaking with Tara and asks her whom she wishes to stay with.

Tara expresses her desire to stay with her mother, prompting a smile from Sonia. This worries Kunal and Vandana, while the judge reassures Tara not to be afraid and repeat herself. She then clarified that she wanted to live with Vandana. This brings joy to Inder as Kunal looks at Vandana. Sonia objects, but the judge reminds everyone to be careful concerning children. She mentions speaking to Tara during lunch break and asks for confirmation from Tara. Tara explains that Pammi had visited her room at night and made her talk to Sonia. Sonia always promised to keep her happy and convinced her to say she wanted to stay with her mother. The flashback ends on this note.

As Kunal and the others turned to look at Pammi, the judge sternly reminded them that discussing a child’s values was unacceptable. However, they were free to divorce, and using the child’s custody as leverage was not tolerated. It had been decided at that moment that Kunal would keep custody of Tara with Vandana’s support. The judge then concluded that a final decision would be reached at a later hearing. This led to an argument between Sonia and Vandana, which resulted in Kunal coming to Vandana’s defense and scolding Sonia. Despite Sonia’s pleas for Tara to return, Kunal and Vandana firmly rejected the idea.

Sonia warns that Kunal will not have peace if Tara remains out of their reach. Despite his defiance, Kunal cannot guarantee Tara’s safety from Sonia’s grasp. Back at home, Kunal reprimands Pammi for her scheming with Sonia. Bobby and Guneet also express their disapproval of Pammi’s actions. Justifying herself, Pammi claims she only wanted Tara reunited with her mother. Vedika points out that Sonia may not be the best choice for Tara’s happiness. Guneet silences Pammi, stating her mistake. However, Kunal continues to argue until Pammi reminds him of the consequences if Vandana were to come back into their lives with Tara’s help. In a fit of rage, Sonia begins throwing things around the room.

Inder reprimands Sonia for causing unnecessary drama and reminds her of her desire to give Tara to Kunal. He questions why Kunal would choose Vandana instead of her. Frustrated by Vandana’s role in taking Kunal away, Sonia breaks objects in anger. Inder wonders why his plan to defeat Kunal is not working and realizes that Sonia’s heart still belongs to Kunal despite being with him for years. He tries to calm her down, but she insists that Kunal belongs only to her. In a fit of rage, Inder raises his hand and yells. Meanwhile, Kunal and Bobby witness Vandana bonding with Tara as she feeds her.

Sonia and I could not do this; Vandana did it alone. Bobby says they are perfect for each other. Kunal says they have good tuning, and they understand each other. He gets Sonia’s message. I’m your friend; Vandana is not Tara’s family, so come up with something to get Tara’s custody. Kunal thinks of Tara. The court allowed Tara to stay with you, but that doesn’t guarantee the decision won’t change.


Vijay refuses the marriage proposal. Vandana goes to answer Kunal. Kunal asks Vandana if she will marry him. He says he doesn’t love her and wants to know if she is willing to become Tara’s mother.

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