Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 16th January 2024 Written Episode Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee See

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 16th January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

In the episode, Hemant and Anagha see the Malhotras having fun. Pammi says you said your family wouldn’t come. Vandana says Atya isn’t at fault. Hemant says Vandana will melt her heart soon. Anagha smiles. Vanna asks Vaani to meet someone. Bobby asks Mrunal for water. Pammi taunts. Sonia says boys melt their hearts so fast.

I am not blackmailed emotionally, Pammi says. Sonia says my matter is different. Vandana introduces Vaani to Atya. Atya says he feels we’ve met before. Vaani says he doesn’t remember, but you taught Vandana good values. Atya says Vijay has contributed a lot, and he is her father, Vijay Karmarkar. Vaani thinks of the past. Pammi observes.

Vandana is comforted by Tara before she receives a call from her. Vedika welcomes Atya with a warm hug. Vandana expresses that she is thinking of Kunal. Sonia then asks if she is missing him, to which Vandana responds affirmatively. Sonia shares the sentiment, believing that everyone should be together to celebrate the festival. The two notice Kunal’s name on their hands and join in on the dancing. Finally, everyone presents gifts to Vandana as they eagerly await Kunal’s arrival. He makes a grand entrance and greets them with Shayari, extending his Lohri wishes. Tara excitedly points out that their dad has arrived.

She thanks him. He says you kept hope, so I felt I should fulfill it. Vandana and Kunal are smiling as they see each other. Kunal tells Vandana that she will keep hoping for me to come. Sonia asks Pammi to do something. Guneet says Vandana and Kunal will start, and this is their first Lohri. Kunal sees Vaani. He goes and does the Lohri rituals with Vandana. Guneet says I know you’re up to something, but I’m here to stop you from doing something. Kunal takes care of Vandana and prays with her.

Vaani bestows her blessings upon Vandana and Kunal. At the puja, Vedika requests Vaani to join and perform the ceremony. Vandana then asks for help in picking up a bangle. Confused, Kunal asks about it, and she explains that Atya forbade her from picking it independently. Kunal jokingly obliges and picks the bangle, for which Vandana expresses gratitude. She then thinks about how Kunal will soon receive Vaani’s embrace and be blessed by her. As the ritual ends, Pammi suggests everyone dance as a celebration. Sonia recalls how they were once considered the best pair among everyone present. However, Tara challenges her statement by suggesting that Vandana also joins the dance competition to determine the best one. Despite Kunal’s reluctance, Tara and Vedika persist until Guneet encourages Vandana to participate enthusiastically while Bobby cheers for her. Finally, amid Sonia’s jealousy, Kunal dances with both Vandana and Sonia but continues to give equal attention to Vandana despite Sonia’s attempts to monopolize his company on the dance floor.


Pammi asks Vaani to come with her. Sonia says hurry up. Pammi says I know you are doing a drama. Vaani sobs.

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