Teri Meri Doriyaan 13th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Angad and Sahiba’s Forced Reunion


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In Jasleen’s opinion, Garry shouldn’t have returned at all. His life was settling down, and he screwed it up again. Everyone is blaming him and thinks he hasn’t changed. He could not leave Keerat in that condition when she arrived in a dilapidated condition with torn clothes in front of his cab.

When Jasleen asks how he feels about Keerat, Garry acknowledges his feelings for Keerat but hides them from everyone. He is now worried for Keerat and especially Sahiba, so if he goes now, everyone will think he is a coward.

Angad goes to Monga’s house but is met with anger from Santosh and Ajith. They demand he leave, blaming him for causing hurt to their family, particularly Sahiba. However, Angad persists and insists on speaking with Sahiba. Despite his attempts, Sahiba refuses to engage with him. He then reveals that they have received court orders stating that they must live together for 180 days to get a divorce, as the judge believes their relationship can improve if they spend more time together. Nevertheless, Sahiba remains adamant and does not want to accompany him, declaring that nothing is left in their relationship. She doesn’t want to be with him even for a minute longer. In a last attempt to convince her, Angad takes hold of her hand and insists that she has no choice but to comply with the court’s decision.

Sahiba warns him to leave her hand, frees her hand, and raises her hand to slap him but stops. Ajith insists Angad leave. Sahiba says she didn’t intend to slap him but to make him realize how it feels to be slapped. Angad says she would have slapped him. An argument ensues. Ajith urges him to leave. According to Angad, they cannot get a divorce without staying together.

After much argument, Sahiba agrees to accompany him. Ajith reminds her that she does not tolerate injustice or nonsense. She says she is willing to endure hell for 180 days for freedom. She leaves the house. She walks out of the house. Angad opens the car door. Sahiba ignores him and calls auto. Due to their desire to confront Brars, Santosh, and Ajith insist on accompanying her.

Angad walks in with Sahiba and her parents at the Brar mansion. Akaal asks Gurleen about Veer. Gurleen says he isn’t opening the door at all and blames Sahiba. Brars get angry seeing Sahiba and ask why he brought her back. He says they broke his dream of an ideal couple, and her presence deeply hurts him.

According to court orders, Anand and Sahiba must stay together for 180 days before getting a divorce. He says the judge thinks their relationship will improve if they stay together, but seeing their family is unlikely, and he warns them of dire consequences if his daughter dies.

They were questioning our upbringing, but Manveer says they should look at their upbringing. Ajith says the daughter did nothing wrong. Gurleen says she broke Veer and Keerat’s relationship and wrongly blamed Veer. Angad will handle Veer and Keerat, and our relationship will remain unchanged. Sahiba says nothing remains between them.


Sahiba gets delusions after drinking spiked water after Seerat believes Sahiba will give Angad a reason to divorce her.

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