Teri Meri Doriyaan 4th March 2023 Written Update


Santosh says if she doesn’t marry Angad today, she will face a mountain of troubles her entire life. She pleads with Bebe and Manveer to convince Angad to marry Sahiba.

Gurleen says she is shameless and they will be fools if they agree to her daughter’s marriage with Angad even now. Manveer asks if she still has any shame left about it. Inder says the truth is out and he’ll make sure the marriage doesn’t happen. Santosh feels dizzy. Sahiba makes her sit. Santosh continues to cry. Who will marry her now?

Sahiba says there is a lot more to life than marriage, such as a career, her family, and more. Angad says her family is melodramatic, was it her real family or did she hire actors? As the elder of the Monga family, Sukhi Taiji apologizes to him and explains what really happened on behalf of her family.

Her request is for him to marry Sahiba, explaining all the recent incidents that happened. Angad misbehaves with her. Ajith says he won’t let his daughter marry a family that doesn’t respect her.

Darji stops Angad and tells him to behave with the elders. Sahiba says she will call the police. Angad says he will call the police and get the fraud family arrested. Darji stops her and says nobody will speak until he decides something.

He takes Angad aside and says sending this girl and her family to jail will defame their family, people will humiliate him saying Brars can identify diamonds, but not people. Angad asks if he means he should spare a fraud family. Angad explains in detail that the rich are blamed and the poor are spared since rich mistakes are considered sins and poor mistakes as consequences.

Angad asks what he wants him to do. Daarji says he should marry that girl. Angad asks if he wants him to marry a fraud. Sahiba could have married him silently, but she revealed the truth and proved that she is a true individual. As he walks away, he explains in detail how the marriage will benefit them and asks him whether he should remain stubborn or preserve his family’s dignity.

Daarji returns to the family. Manveer asks if Angad is coming or not. Gurleen says he must have left heartbroken. Angad returns. Keerat asks Sahiba why they are still here to watch this drama. Sahiba advises her to wait. Manveer asks Angad if he has gone mad to think about marrying Sahiba. Angad says he will marry Sahiba. Angad says he will marry Sahiba.

Manveer asks Akaal Singh Brar if he asked Angad to marry Sahiba. Akaal Singh Brar believes everyone is his puppet and he can use them however he wishes. Inder says Angad has his own brain, but he gets easily manipulated by Akaal. Inder and Manveer discourage him, but Angad tells them he wants to marry Sahiba.

Her father’s dignity and her sister’s education are her responsibilities, and it is up to her whether she wants to carry them on or not.

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