Faltu 23rd December 2022 Written Episode Update

Faltu Episode Update

The Episode starts with Sid hiding from Ayaan. Sid gets all the info from the man. The man says I got saved, Faltu would have known it. Pappi gets a call from Sid. Sid says I was going to tell you about Faltu. Pappi asks him to say. Sid tells him everything. Pappi says it’s time to become Faltu’s groom again.

Sid says I will expose Ayaan’s truth. Sumitra hears this. Faltu is with Kaki. She gets sad. She says I can’t dad that I m alone in the city now. Kaki asks did you run with some guy, do you have any BF. Faltu says no, he is my mart Sir, he saved me from the mess. Pappi looks for Faltu. Ayaan and Tanisha sit in the puja. She eats the laddoos. Everyone smiles.

Dadi says Tanisha, you have won so smartly. Suhana makes a video. She sees Bua upset. She says even though I do not like to make videos, I just hope she is fine. Bua says Faltu is a brave girl, I m sure she is fine, don’t worry. Pandit says I have given a mahurat, baraat will leave on sharp time.

Dadi says marriage is happening in our house. Kanika says Tanisha wants the marriage to happen here. Tanisha says yes, I will spend my entire life in this house. Ayaan says yes, I have some work, I will come later. Harsh says you are scared of her before marriage. Dadi asks Ayaan to go.

Pappi searches for Faltu. He sees her and says so, she is hiding here. Faltu rehearses to talk to Charan and lie. Pappi looks at her from afar. Bua tries calling Faltu. Ayaan asks her to stop worrying and get ahead with the marriage preparations. Ayaan gets Charan’s call. Charan and Jamuna worry for Faltu. Jamuna cries and insists he to call Ayaan.

Charan says Pappi called me and said you left Faltu alone, I can’t believe this, where is she? Ayaan says it’s true that she isn’t here, but I will protect her. Charan asks where is she. Ayaan says don’t worry, I will take care of her, I know where she is. Suhana hears this and says I knew it, you will not leave Faltu helpless. She hugs him.

Ayaan sees Sid and smiles. She says I know you wanted to expose me. Sid says think if this truth came out after marriage, you would have not got mental peace if you lied and got married, you should be thankful to me, you look at peace. Ayaan asks why do you look so worried, tell me if there is any work. Sid says go and enjoy your marriage, else you may just see Tanisha going away. Ayaan says I will take care of her, you take care of yourself. Sid thinks I will not leave you. Ayaan goes smiling.

Pappi kidnaps Faltu. Ayaan is getting married to Tanisha.

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