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Faltu Episode Update

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Ayaan is in her thoughts and she tears. She says she would like to make food for him and feed him. The nurse says he must become conscious before we can check him, so please get me some water. Faltu leaves. Neil says I’m here to pick Faltu up. Janardhan says she’s been here forever. Dadi says she just wants to take care of Ayaan.

Faltu says yes, she’s right, I’ll take care of Ayaan and leave. He says no, I won’t let you go. Neil says I’ll wait outside for you. Tanu taunts Faltu. Faltu tells her not to talk, not to poison. She tells Neil not to wait for her. Neil inquires, “Should I leave you alone here? I’ll be waiting outside.” He departs. Savita declares, “I told you, Faltu has moved on. Are we still having an affair?” Dadi shouts at her. Ayaan is reminded of Faltu and becomes self-aware, causing him to cough.

A nurse asks Sumitra about Faltu. She says Ayaan became conscious. Sumitra says I don’t know. Tanu rushes towards Ayaan. Sumitra says Tanu has run to Ayaan, why? Nurse says Ayaan is searching for Faltu. Savita says stop, I’ll see him first. Janardhan says Faltu should go, he doesn’t want to see him happy. She says I’m his mum.

She will be glad to see you if you also go, he will not be able to explain her. She inquires, “How are you feeling now? Shall I get something for you?” She adds, “Faltu left you to die, she doesn’t love you.” He asks about Faltu’s whereabouts. Savita and Faltu enter the scene. He collapses into Faltu’s arms, showing his unwavering loyalty, unwilling to hear anything negative said about Faltu.

Ayaan hugs Faltu. Savita asks him to take rest. He says I need to talk to Faltu. Neil says I pity Faltu, how bad she would have felt when he ousted her by insulting her. Ayaan says we’ll live happily. Faltu says I’ll cook. He says leave it, come sit with me, I have to talk.

He says this is your house. She says Savita told me it was not my house, so I am here to take care of you. He says lie, you came here because you still love me.

Neil dials Dada ji’s number and asks, “Have you caused a new problem?” Dada ji denies it, saying, “No, the family scolded Faltu and criticized our relationship, calling them toxic people.” Dada ji then admonishes Neil, saying, “You have escalated the problem. “Please come home, and I’ll make sure a car is sent for Faltu. I won’t let her be alone,” he reassures.

Dada Ji ends the call. I’m worried that Neil might start a new relationship with Faltu, since he hated girls after he broke up with Sonali; I don’t think he will break up again; Ayaan and Faltu will unite one day, but what will happen to Neil? Ayaan says stop lying to yourself. He asks everyone to leave him alone. He asks Savita to cook something for him. He stops Faltu.

Tanu and Savita watch as the nurse says sponge baths will help you feel better. Ayaan says she is shy, so her wife will do it, I hope you understand. The nurse says I understand. She asks Faltu to give Ayaan a sponge bath. The nurse leaves. Ayaan tells Faltu now she can concentrate on me. He sits. Ek dil hai…plays… Faltu and Ayaan share a moment before she leaves. Then Tanu looks at them and says this cannot happen. Sid arrives and sees Tanu.

The precap:

Dadi asks Faltu to stay back. Faltu argues with Savita. She promises to stay back.

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