Faltu 3rd August 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

Faltu August 3rd, 2023, Written Episode Update on Worldofentertainment.in

Sid asks Tanu about her intentions. Tanu reveals that she took soup for Ayaan, but seeing Faltu there, she decided to leave. Sid accuses her of being jealous and trying to get close to Ayaan. He questions her motives, claiming to know her well. Tanu breaks down and asks if he really thinks that way. Sid confronts her, stating that she always takes advantage of his love and manipulates him. He asserts that he won’t let her create problems between Ayaan and Faltu and proclaims that she belongs only to him.

Meanwhile, Ayaan requests Faltu not to leave and insists he doesn’t want to take an injection. Faltu, claiming the right of a wife, persuades him to accept the injection. He agrees reluctantly and she also feeds him a glass of milk. Ayaan asks her not to go anywhere and holds her hand while sleeping. Later, she leaves her contact number with the nurse, instructing her to call if any help is needed. Dadi comments that Faltu is taking good care of Ayaan, while Savita admits to feeling restless. Kinshuk advises Savita to take a break.

Dadi quizzes Faltu to find out if Ayaan is asleep, and Faltu confirms it. Dadi insists that Faltu should also rest. Faltu then announces her decision to leave, and the guard informs her that Neil is waiting for her. Curious about Neil’s intentions, Tanu questions Faltu, but Neil brushes her off, telling her to mind her own business. Faltu eventually leaves after a brief exchange with Neil.

She meets Neil, and they engage in light-hearted banter. Neil apologizes, and Tanu records their conversation secretly. Neil drives Faltu to a golgappa stall, where they have a competition. Neil ends up coughing, and Faltu laughs at the sight. Neil observes how life can be humorous, as people often live their lives based on others’ wishes, only to realize later how foolish they were. He shares his past love story, wherein his partner left him for her career despite his pleas to stay. He questions why one’s past should continue to affect them and why anyone should stay in a place where they aren’t respected. Faltu wonders if love always leads to pain, and Neil replies uncertainly, stating that it won’t happen to him again, and there might be someone else waiting for them.

The episode ends with a preview showing Faltu and Ayaan getting divorced. Neil asks Faltu to sign the divorce papers and begin a new relationship with him. He confesses his love for Faltu, saying, “I love you, Faltu.”


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