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Neil implores Faltu to move on from the past. She confides, “I used to believe that marrying Ayaan was the right decision.” He fought for us and convinced his family to accept our love. However, now it all feels like a distant dream.” Neil believes that Ayaan is still trying to win her back, and he knows that she also loves him. He wonders what’s holding her back from reuniting with Ayaan.

She shares, “I feel the same way too. Ayaan took away my cricket dream, and I had always supported him. He betrayed me, and although I’m not angry at Ruhaan, he was a stranger seeking revenge, and he succeeded. Ayaan was like family to me; it’s hard to believe he could do such a thing. It seems like fate brought us all together.” He lightens the mood with a joke, and she expresses her gratitude to him.

She asks him to say sorry. He refuses. They leave. They come home. Dada ji shows the papers. Neil says it’s the deal papers, Ayaan has accepted our deal, he’s ready to collaborate with us. Dada ji asks Faltu if she knows about this deal? She signs no. Dada ji says Ayaan wants a chance from Faltu, and he’s also keeping our respect. Faltu wonders why Ayaan is acting this way.

Faltu prepares a brew for Ayaan in the hopes that it will make him better. Neil interjects, telling her that Ayaan is distrustful and unlikely to change. He suggests waiting for her afterward, but she insists he’d be better off going to his grandfather’s place instead as Dada ji needs him more than ever. Faltu muses inwardly, pondering whether Ayaan will ever grow out of his suspicious tendencies.

They go to see Ayaan. Tanu says Ayaan’s condition got worse. Nurse says he got food poisoning. Tanu recalls adding something to Faltu’s food. Savita tells her you were here. Nurse says his wife or he got the food. Doctor says the food didn’t suit him, don’t panic, we’re treating him.

Ayaan and Savita blame Faltu. Janardhan says don’t blame Faltu always. Savita argues with Janardhan. Tanu smiles. Kaka asks Faltu to take the car. Faltu says no, I won’t be a burden. Savita asks Kinshuk to contact Faltu and ask her not to come. Faltu can never hurt Ayaan, as she loves him so much. Savita asserts that she doesn’t have any love for him; instead, she seeks revenge. Janardhan cautions her that if Ayaan were to hear this, he might lose respect for her. Faltu inquires about Ayaan’s current state, asking if he has woken up.

She says I have made kada for you, he will get well. Tanu taunts her. Savita scolds Faltu and throws the kada. She stops Faltu. Janardhan asks her to stop Faltu. Tanu says Ayaan got food poisoning, Savita will prepare food for him. Kinshuk says you should leave, no one respects you here. Ayaan is sleeping, I’ll let you know what he says.

Kumkum asks Faltu to leave. Faltu cries. She asks Janardhan whether he agrees. He replies no. He scolds Savita. Savita says Faltu has also tangled with us. Janardhan says you won’t go, Faltu. Faltu says no, I will leave. I lack the courage to hear new blames every day. Tanu asks her to sign the divorce papers and send them. Faltu leaves.


As Ayaan divorces Faltu, Neil asks her to sign the divorce papers and start a new relationship with him. He tells her he loves her.

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