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Ayaan begins the episode by saying that he wants to go to Faltu. Savita then informs him that Faltu has already gone, and reveals that when she asked her about the food, Faltu gave an attitude and they had a argument. To this, Tanu confirms by adding in agreement and Ayaan expresses disbelief. Neil and Dada ji speak to the manager while Faltu re-enters with tea. Suddenly, Neil stops her and talks about how their brand is intended for common people and not the rich. He further adds that they should think of reaching out to those people who daily wear their brand’s shoes in order to pursue their dreams.

The boy asks her to stand well. He says nice, meet the new brand ambassador, she is an ordinary girl who is chasing her dreams. She says no. Dada ji says it’s a nice idea.

Ayaan says it’s a good opportunity for both companies, we should attend the party. She says you aren’t well. He scolds her and asks her not to interfere in the business deal.

The model claims that you intend to insult me. Neil objects, saying no such thing. Instead, he expresses his desire for you to undertake a certain task. However, you refuse. Dada ji intervenes, supporting Neil’s idea, stating that it could lead you to gain recognition, and independence, and even sway the cricket association’s decision. In response, Neil suggests you consider the opportunity and show gratitude. You respond with a joke, leading Dada ji to laugh. Finally, he urges you to agree to the proposal.

You have every right to be respected, and I’ll make sure they realize they can’t control your life, so don’t dwell on it too much. Tanu remarks that Faltu hasn’t come out since that day. Janardhan inquires, “What mischief did you and Savita play with her?” Kinshuk then goes on to explain how everything transpired.

In anger, Ayaan shouts at Tanu. He says you and Mom lied to me and where is mom? She says Savita was worried about you. He scolds her. He says he doesn’t know what Faltu is thinking about me, he’ll meet her at the party if anyone has a problem, I’m ready to leave this house. Faltu calls home and thinks Amar should answer.

Amar answers her and reassures her that Ayaan is doing fine. He explains that Neil had invited him to a party, but Tanu had attempted unsuccessfully to prevent it. He goes on to express his wish that their jodi remains strong and everything works out for the best. She then asks him to keep an eye on Ayaan, which triggers Tanu’s anger and she slaps Amar. Kumkum interferes and berates Tanu for her behaviour towards someone who has been working there for years, however, this only leads to further argument between the two women.

She thanks Matarani and prays. Neil arrives. She says I will eat the food. He says it’s boring food, you should eat this. He asks Kaka not to serve dull food to the boring girl. She says no, I’ll eat it. Neil asks her to eat pastries and cupcakes. He says you talk bitterly, but you will talk sweetly if you eat sweets.

Taking the cupcake, he remembers Ayaan’s moment. She tells him that she doesn’t want to eat. Neil says you got reminded of Ayaan, no, you’re dieting because you’re going to be a model. He jokes. She smiles. Janardhan stops Tanu and asks how can you behave like that? Kumkum says Tanu slapped Amar because he was talking to Faltu. Janardhan asks him what. Tanu says he was passing information to Faltu.

He asks Amar what happened. Amar says Faltu called and she asked about Ayaan’s health, and I told her he was fine and was going to the party. Janardhan says Faltu is our bahu, so why should she be concerned? Amar says trust me, I didn’t tell anything about business to Neil and his father. Tanu scolds him. Tanu gets business inputs and will give them to Neil and his father.

Kumkum asks Tanu to stop it. She says Amar and Faltu can never cheat us. Ayaan says they’re both members of our family, who gave you the right to slap Amar, who has taken care of us since we were kids. Amar cries and leaves. He apologizes to Amar. Tanu cries and says it’s my mistake, I can never be right for you, I’m saving you, and you don’t value me. She leaves.

The precap:

Aayan divorces Faltu. Neil asks her to sign the divorce papers and start a new relationship with him. He says he loves her.

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