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Faltu Episode Update

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He apologizes, I didn’t know you were sleeping. He tells her about Kanika’s words. She worries. Someone sees Ayaan’s video. The man sees Ayaan and his family’s video. The manager says Kanika is ready to meet you. The lawyer says Faltu wanted me to take Ayaan’s case, but I refused. Faltu cries. She plays cricket. The men comment on Ayaan. She calls Dadi.

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Faltu worries. Janardhan slaps Sid. Everyone is shocked. Kanika asks why you are beating him. Govind says one slap won’t hurt him, I’ll kill him. He slaps Sid several more times. Kanika says it’s my decision to end this problem and sell the business, anyways, you’re leaving, what’s the problem? You can stay here for a few days, think well about where you need to go. Sid is scolded by Dadi and Govind for saying she wants Tanu to leave this house and focus on her life.

Janardhan says pack your bags, we will leave today itself. He gets dizzy. Faltu cares for her. Kanika says Tanu, we already talked about it, I don’t want to make hard decisions. Savita pleads with her to get Ayaan released. Govind apologizes to Janardhan. Janardhan says to pack the bags, we’re leaving. Faltu says we have a baby with us, we can’t let anything happen to him. We’ll decide what to do, we’ve got two weeks. She thinks she needs to act before everything is lost.

In a call with Akshay, Fatu asks him to keep an eye on Kanika and find out what’s going on. She tells him this house belongs to Janardhan, Ayaan worked hard for this, and I won’t let anyone take it. I believe that your boss Ruhaan Sachdeva will come for an imp discussion, Kanika says your boss Ruhaan Sachdeva didn’t show up.

The manager says it might be imp for you, not him, because JM Mart isn’t a new thing for him, he doesn’t like to meet people. Tanu says his profile isn’t there on social media. Akshay looks on. He asks Kanika to look over the deal papers. Kanika asks Sid to look over the papers. The man says nobody can offer a better deal than this.

Asakshay says, Ruhaan is buying the company, so he won’t meet them. Faltu says, who is he? He says, I don’t know, I heard he was going to change the name of JM Mart. She asks what, but why. Janardhan gets shocked. He says the whole family is shattered. She asks him not to worry. He leaves.

She says I have to meet Ruhaan and tell her about Kanika cheating us. Manager asks Ruhaan to meet Kanika. He says I’ll meet her at the right time. He says I’m coming for you, Janardhan. He feels unwell. Savita makes him rest on the bed. Dadi asks why. He says the name of the store will change.

Faltu tells Dadi the new owner is changing the name of the mart. Janardhan cries for the business. He says everything got over. Govind offers to take him to the hospital. Janardhan refuses. Faltu weeps. Doctor arrives. Faltu asks him to come fast.

Sid asks what happened to him. Faltu says he fell in the bathroom, he can’t breathe. Govind stops Sid, Tanu and Kanika. Tanu says I’ll call the best doctor for him. Kanika says we’re just trying to help. Sid says we’re going to visit him. The Governor says no means no, if he sees you, he’ll get angry. Kanika says, Sid, we need to leave now, it’s a big deal, we shouldn’t be late. Faltu thinks about what to do.


She says the house will now be auctioned off. Tanu asks the family to leave.

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