Faltu 23rd April 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

Faltu 23rd April 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Dadi asks Faltu to come inside and do the puja. Janardhan says she cannot come inside. Dadi says enough now. Faltu gets dizzy. Ayaan asks what happened to her. She says nothing. During the puja, Faltu faints. Ayaan checks her and says a snake bit her. Everyone is shocked. Ayaan rushes Faltu to the hospital. Kinshuk and Govind go with him. Dadi scolds Janardhan. Tanu gets angry. Ayaan sees Faltu and cries. He says I am getting angry at her.

He asks Doctor how Faltu is. Harsh consoles Ayaan. Govind says you need her and she needs you. Hum tere bin plays..Ayaan cries. She is fine, she is a fighter, Harsh says. Ayaan asks if can I meet her. The doctor says yes. Ayaan goes to see Faltu. Sumitra calls Govind. He says Faltu is fine now, she is safe. She says it is good news; Faltu is fine now, she is safe. Dadi thanked Matarani. Ayaan cries holding Faltu’s hand. She pacifies him and says I will never leave you.

For their first puja, he scolds her for going to the snake’s pond to get the lotus. She apologizes, but the puja was a big deal for Dadi. She compliments him. He jokes. Despite the thread or mangalsutra, he says we won’t lose our connection because of it. She says it’s beautiful. He makes her wear it. He says I love you and hugs her.

When they arrive home, he says he will prepare the food. She says we will order food. He says he will make the food. She says she will make khichdi for him. He asks her to sit down, he will prepare the food. He makes the food. She smiles. Ayaan makes khichdi and feeds it to Faltu. She calls it the best khichdi in the world. Savita says I got this prasad for him, I don’t want to give him false hope. Maa, you take the prasad.

She says no need to taste it, I’ll have it. He tastes it, and says it’s too salty, how can you eat it? She says I can see love in it, I’ll have it. He says give it to me, you can’t have it. Ayaan says sorry, we can’t take it, Dad will feel bad. She says I got this for you. Faltu accepts the prasad and eats it.


Sumitra welcomes Sid and Tanu home after he marries Tanu. Everyone is shocked.

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