Faltu 30th January 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

Savita asks Tanisha why she is getting Faltu’s operation done. Tanisha says she will explain later, we have to get there first. Janardhan asks Sid to get Faltu’s car. The pair leave. Dadi consoles Savitri. Ayesha asks why Tanisha hid this from us. Sumitra says she couldn’t say it to you. Dadi asks if you knew.

Ayaan is in critical condition, Govind says. Janardhan asks how it happened. Sumitra says Sid had told me. Faltu thinks of Ayaan. She becomes conscious. The nurse calls the doctor. Tanisha asks where is Ayaan.

Janardhan worries Harsh says he collided with a tree, and the doctor said he had a head injury. Tanisha asks if he will be okay. Janardhan says it is your fault. She cries. Harsh says the surgery will take a few hours, things are critical. Sid consoles Tanisha. If you didn’t act so great and brought Faltu back into our lives, Ayaan wouldn’t have come here, and I will never forgive you.

Govind says we should focus on Ayaan’s health and asks Harsh to calm down. Janardhan asks why he gave money and hid it from us. The doctor checks Faltu and puts her to sleep. He asks the nurse to make sure Faltu doesn’t open her eyes.

As Sid asks Tanisha not to worry and to stay strong for Ayaan’s sake, Janardhan says he will go and see Faltu. The doctor says the patient’s blood pressure is falling, I have given her an injection, she will now be stable, and you are permitted to go home. Charan says no, I promised Faltu, I won’t leave her alone. Pratap says we didn’t know hospital rules, the doctor asked us to go home.

Sid comes there and sees Faltu. Savita worries and cries. Dadi consoles her. Kinshuk says the operation continues. Savita says she does not know whose bad sight caught Ayaan. During the prayer, Dadi hugs her and tells her to think good, nothing bad will happen. Janardhan will tell us that Ayaan is fine. Kinshuk says Ayaan got injured after his car hit the tree.

Savita says Faltu is the root of all your problems, I will never forgive you. Sumitra asks how he is a safe driver, and how did this happen. Faltu would have told something that disturbed Ayaan. Faltu awakens. She asks the nurse about her dad and Pratap. The nurse replies that they will come. Faltu hears about Ayaan’s critical condition. She worries. Nurses leave. Faltu leaves.

Sid says Faltu isn’t conscious yet, we will know if her operation was successful once she becomes conscious. Doctor arrives and says Ayaan’s next 48 hours are crucial.

Tanisha apologizes for not telling you about Faltu’s operation, this would not have happened with Ayaan. Kanika consoles Tanisha. You should not have funded the operation. Ayaan has put Faltu out of his life because of you, and that’s why Ayaan is in this condition. Sid says it’s not like that, it’s something else. Tanisha stops him.


Faltu meets Ayaan. She cries talking to him. She apologizes to him. She confesses her love to him. Ayaan wakes up and glances at her.

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