Pandya Store 16th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Natasha and Dhawal’s Courtroom Drama

Pandya Store

Pandya Store 16th December 2023 Written Episode Update on

In the episode, Suman sings Yaadon Ki Baraat to make Natasha sleep… Suman falls asleep. Natasha lies crying. She receives a message from a friend. She checks Dhawal’s profile and sees that he is single. Dhawal recalls Natasha and stays sad. As Amba asks Isha to show Dhawal the pictures of the girls, Isha says you should do so.

Amrish says you are doing this for Natasha. Isha says Natasha got me home, so why are you doing this? She says I am grateful to her, but I can’t accept her as my bahu. Isha says fine; I can’t support you. Isha leaves. Amrish asks Amba to come; they are running late for the court. Amba tells Amrish what happened to her.

At the court, Suman and Chiku stay with Natasha. Suman says he doesn’t think they’ll come. The lawyer says they’ll come; they’ll separate soon. The man calls Dhawal and Natasha. The lawyer says stay here; Natasha and Dhawal will go. Suman asks Natasha to go. Dhawal and Natasha imagine each other. Tere liye…plays…

A man comes and meets Amrish. He hugs the man and asks him when he came there. The man says he has been here for a month, I am buying a company, Rohan went on a trip, and Suhani is with me. He says, Maa, he is Arvind Sir. He taught me business. Amba, thanks, Arvind. Arvind asks if Natasha and Dhawal are separating. Dhawal changed his status to single.

Suman inquires Chiku about his conversation, to which he responds that Dhawal has ended his married status. Amrish expresses their mutual sadness over the news. Arvind mentions his positive opinion of Dhawal and regrets not having the chance to discuss it before the hasty marriage. He admits his desire for Suhani to be their daughter-in-law and hopes for her happiness in their household, surprising Amba and Amrish. Arvind’s ignorance about them takes Suman aback. Chiku draws a parallel between Arvind’s situation and how they had come to know the truth. The judge intervenes, acknowledging their young age and advising them to strengthen their physical and emotional bond by living together for six months.

Natasha refuses, claiming that personal matters have been exposed. Amrish then extends an invitation for dinner at their home. Amba happily agrees and mentions how Dhawal and Suhani will finally meet. Arvind expresses his approval, noting that the two are a great match. He also adds that Rohan has been struggling to handle the business alone, but now it will be shared between him and Suhani’s future husband. With a smile, Arvind suggests they continue the conversation at their house. Suman chimes in, asking Chiku to invite the NRI Joshis for dinner. Chiku asks for clarification, and Suman insists on saying yes to them. Eventually, Chiku agrees to call them over. Amba excitedly remarks that her son Dhawal will be the first one among their children to get married, prompting Amrish to agree with her as well.

Natasha argues with Dhawal. She says I’m not wrong. You’re mistaken. Judge asks what you are talking about. They complain about each other. Natasha says she wants separation. Dhawal and Natasha get sad when the judge says okay, I’ll give you a date next week, marriage hasn’t been consummated, you may get separation permission from the first week on, as this is an annulment case.


There is an argument between Dhawal and Natasha. They hear about the ghosts.

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