Jhanak 2nd February 2024 Written Episode Update: Jhanak’s Forced Departure and Arshi’s Plan

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The Episode opens with Tanuja and Bipasha reprimanding Jhanak for her actions. However, Jhanak stands up for herself and denies any wrongdoing. Bipasha accuses her of manipulating Anirudh to gain entry into the event, but Jhanak maintains that she is innocent and urges them to question Anirudh instead. Tanuja scolds Jhanak for agreeing to go in the first place, but Bipasha dismisses it as useless since Jhanak will soon be leaving. She then digs at Urvashi, causing Jhanak to break down in tears. Defending her friend, Jhanak warns them not to speak ill of Urvashi, whom she holds in high regard. This catches Bipasha off guard, prompting Jhanak to issue a warning.

Bipasha and Tanuja storm out in anger while Arshi and Anirudh dance. Suddenly, Arshi receives a phone call and excuses herself. When she returns, she mentions speaking to Bipasha and reiterates their support in ensuring Jhanak does not return home. With a sly smile, Arshi suggests that Jhanak may have borrowed the phone from Anirudh. However, Bipasha assures her that Mimi has taken away Jhanak’s phone and she will not be able to come back. Even if Anirudh locates her, they have decided to keep her from returning home. Arshi promises to do her best to keep Anirudh away from the house tonight.

Having confirmed your future is also vital to Bipasha, she says. Arshi says no, we are chilling after many days. He says it’s 3 am. To stay here all night, everyone is partying. He says he’s tired. She says let’s dance. Tanuja says it’s morning. She panics and wakes Shubh up. He says 3.15 am, don’t panic. She thinks I’ll be at peace when Jhanak leaves. He says I’ll drop her off, sleep now, I’ve set an alarm.

Anirudh announces, “It’s 4 am, time to head home.” But Arshi protests that it’s too late and their parents would be asleep. She questions his haste, to which he replies that the party is over and he’s exhausted. Trying to convince him to stay up instead, she suggests sleeping in tomorrow. Eventually, Anirudh agrees. Meanwhile, Tanuja approaches Jhanak and asks if she’s ready. Jhanak confirms and reveals the contents of her bag. Upon noticing a saree, Tanuja questions if it was stolen. Jhanak remembers Anirudh mentioning a gift from an esteemed individual and clarifies that she wouldn’t want the person to feel offended by leaving it behind. Curious, Tanuja asks who gave it.

As Shubh waits for Jhanak, she says I cannot tell you about this. Bipasha says that’s fine. She asks if she can meet Dada and Dadi once. Tanuja says no need, just come and say you’ll meet everyone. She asks Jhanak to go fast. After remembering the moments in the house, she drives away with Shubh.

Anirudh says I’m fine. Arshi says you can come in for a coffee. She thinks Jhanak might have left by now. He says no, I want to go home. Are you upset with me? She says no. He says try to understand why I did that for Jhanak. She says it’s our time. When she asks about Jhanak, he says something needs to be known, but not today. He says I’ll tell you when the time comes. She asks what. She says give me a hint. He says two things. I’d like to know what it is.

He mentioned that he would share something with me once I became his wife. However, I didn’t give him a chance when he tried to reveal it earlier. She claims to be my sister, and I wonder what her secret is. He explained that I had never considered her my sister, so why did I want to know her secret? He then added that he would disclose everything to me since we were soon married. She believes Jhanak will go far, which won’t make a difference. Choosing to end the conversation, she agrees that he should tell her after we get married since it must be something significant. He clarifies that our marriage is personal and doesn’t depend on this matter. She proposes meeting in the evening, and he agrees before she leaves.

Shrishti’s eyes flash with anger as Jhanak’s name crosses her mind. Arshi inquires about her lack of sleep. Shrishti demanded to know why Arshi was lingering around. Defensively, Arshi explains that Jhanak has already left. However, this only fuels Shrishti’s argument. To distract Anirudh at the party, Arshi reveals Bipasha’s elaborate scheme. Shrishti decides to take matters into her own hands and informs Jhanak’s lover, Tejas, of the situation. She knows he is still in town and desperate for a reunion with Jhanak. Meanwhile, Shubh escorts Jhanak to leave by giving her a ticket and some money, strictly instructing her not to contact anyone else.


During the ride, Anirudh follows the bus on a bike. He shouts Jhanak. Tejas shows the gun and threatens Jhanak.

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