Suhaagan 6th January 2024 Episode Update: Bindiya Fights for Life, Amma’s Guilt Unveiled!


Suhaagan 6th January 2024 Written Episode Update on

During the episode, Indu asks Payal why she did this. Payal replies that it hurts a lot to do something and get blamed. Indu says that’s why two people are in danger. Payal says that Bindiya became Durga and risked Krish and Nikku’s house. She says Amma murdered Kaveri, and Manohar and Kaveri were at her gunpoint. Sakshi is shocked. She tells Indu that Krish has gone to his dad. Indu scolds her.

Payal says Krish’s life was in danger, so I changed Bindiya’s game. Baldev asks how you know Amma’s past and where real bullets came from. Payal is tense. Bindiya calls Krish, and he asks her not to sleep. He says he will play the song but realizes he doesn’t have his phone. He begins singing the music to keep her awake.

Indu says that someone changed the bullets in the gun and knife, so this is not the knife Krish ordered. Nikku says the knife is also fake, but it is a real knife. Payal says I did nothing, and I just wanted to save Krish. Sakshi says I’m certain Bhootni was involved. Bhootni will be punished, according to Indu.

Sakshi reassures her not to worry and reveals that she has arranged a tantrik baba to remove negative energy. As they retrieve their spy camera, Sakshi explains that they have already set up cameras in the house and plan to use their laptop to uncover the truth. However, upon reviewing the footage, they find nothing. Vikram suggests checking his phone, but again, there is no evidence. Sakshi admits that she may have forgotten to turn on the recording mode. Payal smirked, remembering how she had seen them setting up the cameras, and proudly declared her intelligence. She then questions if they have found anything significant.

The doctor tells them that Durga ji has regained consciousness. Everyone rushes to her. Indu tells them that the Police should be called. Payal says my sister is in danger, so call the Police. Baldev says he does not want to call the Police and is risking Amma’s life.

Then he gets out of the car and finds Bindiya unconscious. He shouts Dadi and asks them to call Vaid ji. Dadi is shocked when he sees her injured. Phoolmati rushes to call Vaid ji. Amma recalls shooting Bindiya and shouts bahuriya…..I am guilty of killing someone with my hands again. She wishes that bullet had struck me, and it would have been good.

Baldev asks me what would have happened to me. Amma says I didn’t give you any happiness. Baldev says for a child, his mother’s existence is very precious. He asks her what happened after his father’s death. I had lost my conscience and couldn’t understand anything as my husband was dead in front of me.

According to her, I don’t recall what happened with Kaveri and where my son went. Baldev reassures her everything will be alright and helps her lie on the bed. The doctor notices that Baldev is showing concern for Kaveri, unlike before when he would become emotional. The doctor confirms she is doing well and urges Baldev to help her overcome the guilt of shooting Bindiya. Baldev agrees and asks the doctor to gather information about Bindiya from his contacts. As the doctor leaves, Baldev shares that Krish and Bindiya were instrumental in Amma’s recovery and hopes for a speedy return home for Bindiya. He consoles Amma not to worry as Krish will bring Bindiya back safely.

It is Vaid ji and the villagers that come to Dadi’s house. Vaid ji asks Krish to hold Bindiya. Krish asks what happened. He says his hands are shaking because he must use a knife to remove the bullet from the girl he has taken in his hands. Krish says he understands your emotions and that your daughter and Chirayya’s daughter are precious to them. The ladies assure you nothing will happen to her.

Bindiya is brave and will handle herself, Phoolmati says. She will not leave me soon, this Ms. Suhaagan, Krish says. After sanitizing the knife, Vaid ji comes to Bindiya to take off the bullet, but his hands shake. We don’t have much time. Krish tells him to remove the bullet fast. As Vaid ji operates on her, she feels pain.

Vaid ji takes out the bullet and says it thankfully didn’t go deep inside her body. Sarpanch ji says Bindiya has always helped people. Master Ji cries and says nothing shall happen to him. Next, he applies turmeric paste to Bindiya’s injured past and asks Krish to make sure she doesn’t get a fever and that he will make medicine and bring it to her immediately.


Krish asks Bindiya to apply sindoor with her left hand. Bindiya says sindoor can’t be used with left hand. Krish fills her maang with sindoor. Payal is shocked.

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