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The episode begins with Tejas stating that Jhanak was the first to arrive and that he had decided to marry her, no matter who tried to come in between. The man agrees with him. Urvashi announces she will fetch Jhanak while Radha cautions her not to harm her. The man then asks Shrishti to share some words with her. She talks about her experiences while Urvashi and Radha observe from a distance. As she mentions her sister, Urvashi, she insults Jhanak. Anirudh intervenes and advises Arshi that it is not right for his aunt to speak ill of someone. Radha adds that their relationship is similar to that of enemies.

A discussion occurs between Arshi and Anirudh, where she says she helped Jhanak and didn’t know she’d take my place. Shrishti praises her daughter Arshi. Urvashi asked if Jhanak had participated in this competition. Radha says don’t beat her this time. Arshi taunts her. Arshi taunts Jhanak. Jhanak says sorry, Arshi, you have to share the first prize with me, but I would have been glad if you had won. She says thank you for your help, and you have enabled me to understand that I want it.

Arshi says always to remember that favors aren’t always made. I hope you do something on your own in the future. Shrishti stops them and asks the organizers to keep a tiebreaker round. She announces a dance face-off between Arshi and Jhanak. Rahul says Jhanak will keep their mouths shut. According to the anchor, the organizers have approved the tiebreaker round. Urvashi says she doesn’t care about me. Radha says Jhanak won. Urvashi cries. Shrishti thinks to speak to Brij.

Shrishti and Madhav visit Brij to extend an invitation to Arya’s wedding. Madhav kindly offers to wait outside while Shrishti catches up with Brij. Shrishti, curious about Jhanak’s performance, asks Brij for his opinion. He praises Jhanak’s exceptional talent, and she agrees, mentioning that Brij must remember Urvashi. Without hesitation, he confirms that he does remember. Shrishti then reveals the truth behind Jhanak’s parentage – she is Urvashi’s illegitimate child. This revelation takes aback Brij, and Shrishti sympathizes, acknowledging that society often shuns women in such situations. However, she adds that Bharat pained Urvashi and welcomed them into their home.

I wanted to inform you that despite Urvashi’s public insult towards you, please remember this when assigning points. Jhanak has bravely gone against many competitors to take the stage. As expected, there will be some drama. Moving on, Arshi and Jhanak deliver a superb performance of “Mere dholna…” as Urvashi watches from afar with a smile. Anirudh also appears pleased. The audience applauds their outstanding display. It’s time for the results, and the judges have decided who will claim victory. The crowd cheers loudly for Arshi and Jhanak as the anchor asks Brij to come up on stage.

Urvashi observes, as Brij declares that success in the arts can only come with practice. He is pleasantly surprised by the performance he witnesses and has no doubt that Arshi will reach great heights in her career. Upon checking the name, the anchor then prompts Shrishti to announce the winner, who is revealed to be Arshi Mukherjee. This elicits applause from the audience. Rahul accuses Jhanak’s mother of rigging the competition and suggests they take a photo together. Radha agrees, but Urvashi cautions against it, fearing potential repercussions if they are caught. Finally, Brij presents Jhanak and Arshi with their respective trophies.

He believes that if Urvashi were to reveal the truth, then it would be disastrous as he has a wife and child. He tells Arshi that she has touched his heart and hopes she succeeds. Arshi takes a moment to thank everyone and gives special recognition to Anirudh, her fiancé and soon-to-be husband. The host then invites Jhanak to say a few words. He acknowledges that her parents would be proud of her achievement. Jhanak admits feeling nervous being on stage for the first time and shares that she never had the opportunity to meet her father but reveals that she has recently learned this truth about herself.

Urvashi becomes emotional and sheds tears. Jhanak acknowledges that many people present are aware of the truth regarding Urvashi’s father, but Jhanak personally knows that her mother is her only family and support. She recounts how people have asked her mother about her father’s name, causing her mother great insult, even from their own family. Despite all of this, Jhanak remains grateful to her mother. However, mentioning this also brings up emotions for Jhanak, and she confesses that dance is her passion, even though her mother disapproves of it. She reveals that she did not inform her mother about coming here to perform and understands that it is not her fault for trying to stop her from pursuing dance. The constant sight of her mother’s tears and pain has made Jhanak consider giving up dancing altogether. But she has also encountered kind-hearted individuals who have shown her love and encouraged her dreams of dancing on stage. As a result, Anirudh smiles in admiration.


Dadi requests Urvashi and Jhanak to depart from the house. During this time, Tejas expresses his admiration for Jhanak. Bharat reveals that Tejas has proposed an alliance for Jhanak. Meanwhile, Jhanak and Anirudh have a chance encounter as they fall off a bicycle, leading to a brief moment between them. Surprised, Arshi questions them, “You two, together?”

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