Kumkum Bhagya Written Episode 30th January 2024: RV Rescues Poorvi and Prachi from Danger!

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Kumkum Bhagya 30th January 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Jassi declares that no one will save Poorvi now and points the gun at her. Suddenly, smoke fills the room. RV appears, and both Poorvi and Prachi visibly relax. Dadu and Dadi happily descend the stairs. Harleen observes their seemingly normal behavior. Harman inquires about their whereabouts, while Harleen questions what they are concealing. Dadu explains that RV had spoken to them after learning of Poorvi’s kidnapping and filled them in on all the details. He reassures them by stating that RV has already reached the location where Poorvi was being held captive and is on his way back with her. Harleen expresses her concern and urges Harman to speak to RV himself. Harman obliges, saying he will talk to RV before returning.

Poorvi rushes to RV, but Jasbir orders his men to separate the two and retrieve Poorvi. Meanwhile, Tiger leaves, locking Prachi inside. Despite her pleas for him to unlock it, he refuses. Fortunately, Yug arrives and engages in a fight with the goon. RV checks on Poorvi’s well-being before she informs him that their mother is still in the room. Quickly taking action, RV hands Yug a stick to defend himself. The chaos caused by the smoke makes it difficult for Jasbir and his accomplices to see correctly as they make their way to the room where Prachi is trapped. Once they rescue her and bring her out safely, Jasbir instructs the guards to open all the windows while interrogating them about their whereabouts. To his dismay, he discovers that they have escaped and promptly orders them to pursue them. Without wasting time, RV, Poorvi, Prachi, and Yug hop into a car and drive off.

RV starts the car. Jasbir comes there, takes the car keys, and throws them away. He says, “What did you think I would let you take Poorvi?” The goons come there in the car. RV tells Yug and Poorvi that nothing will happen to them. They come out and begin fighting. Jasbir says this is my place and my people. RV hits him and says Poorvi is mine; don’t take her name with your dirty mouth. Prachi and Poorvi fight as well.

He says he will do something that he won’t identify himself. RV hits Jasbir, counting all his misdeeds. Poorvi and RV are arrested. Prachi asks Poorvi if she’s fine. Poorvi says yes. RV asks if everyone’s fine. Prachi says you always saved Poorvi, and that’s why she calls him an angel. Yug says even he was beaten and is a small angel. Poorvi thanks him.

Chachi and Bhabhi inquire about Poorvi and RV’s whereabouts, to which Harleen responds that they are getting ready. She then approaches Harman and asks for an update on RV. Harman shares that RV mentioned being with Poorvi. The couple is soon joined by RV, Yug, and Prachi, bringing in Poorvi. Overjoyed, she shares with everyone how Maa and RV came to her rescue. Dadu and Harman lighten the mood with a bit of humor. Prachi reminds them to freshen up for the best-looking photos as things get late. Dadu and Beeji suggest the same, while Harleen and Harman also encourage them to do so. Dadu compliments Poorvi as the best, while Harman boasts about his son RV whenever he accomplishes something remarkable. However, he quickly clarifies that he is always proud of him regardless of his relationship with Harleen’s mother. Everyone laughs, and Prachi can’t help but feel grateful for Poorvi being embraced by such a loving family.


RV tells Poorvi that he will protect her from others, but he does not know if he can save her from herself.

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