Kumkum Bhagya 17th May, 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya 17th May 2023 written episode update on Worldofentertainment.in

She asks what Shahana and Dadi are doing here while everyone else is waiting, Dadi replies they were worried about her, Shahana mentions Meera jee got a call from her warden who informed her that Prachi was also here, so they both accompanied her.

When Prachi asks if they both didn’t tell anyone the truth about Khushi and Ranbir they found out, Shahana points out she doesn’t think Rhea would be unaware of the truth, because they went to the orphanage, so she might have found it herself.

Ranbir questions why they talk as if Khushi isn’t a girl but just a grain, Ranbir says he’s been trying to explain, but they refuse to believe him.

Prachi walks in front of him and asks why he is talking about trust. Ranbir questions why she mistrusts him and behaves in such a weird manner. Prachi gets shocked, asking how he will say he has done nothing wrong and always speaks the truth.

Even Prachi does not always tell him the truth, but tries to hide everything. The NGO officials mention they are leaving. They request the Police Inspector to inform them if anything is found.

She declares what can she say to anyone of them since she is used to getting hurt by her loved ones, Ranbir also responds that he is also used to getting hurt by his loved ones, and now they are causing the same damage once again.

She tells Ranbir she’ll pray to find Khushi because if she’s not found, the person who has taken her will suffer. Ranbir tells her to threaten him from her own house, and Prachi angrily leaves with Dadi and Shahana.

During his wait for Prachi, Akshay becomes extremely tensed, then calls someone telling them he is going to send a photo of a girl he wishes to locate, and he advises them to do whatever they can to find her. As he explains, the person has been investigating for quite some time and would be able to assist them.

When Dadi asks Akshay what he’s doing here, Prachi asks about uncle’s health. Akshay reveals that his dad is fine and doing better, so that’s why he came here.

It is difficult for Prachi to do anything at this point, as she is constantly thinking about her beautiful moments with Khushi and how she always makes her laugh. Akshay prays to Bhagwan that he should return the happiness of Prachi, while he is prepared to sacrifice all his happiness for her.

When Prachi stumbles and is about to fall, Akshay helps her stand up, saying she shouldn’t look at him like this because he has only helped her as a friend so knows she deserves all the happiness in the world.

As Prachi stands next to Dadi who is crying, they all begin to walk towards the house when Akshay realizes he cannot even express how much he loves her because he cannot lose her friendship.

While Rhea is helping Khushi, Khushi explains that she is very good at playing hide and seek, but she has never played a real game like that before. She wins the game because nobody was able to catch her. Everyone mentions Khushi has brought happiness back to this house. She asks where her room is if she intends to stay here.

It was not possible for Rhae to complete the room today, but it would be completed by tomorrow, she apologizes. Vikram calls Khushi to him explaining that she can sleep with him today since she will be living with them the rest of her life, but Pallavi explains that she can sleep with her today as well. Khushi says she wants to sleep with her father today, then with Dida tomorrow, then with Vikram uncle, and Pallavi. She says that both live in the same room.

Khushi agrees on the condition that he will tell her stories. Ranbir tells Khushi she must hug him tightly afterwards. Khushi starts dancing with Ranbir and Pallavi.

He offers to make tea for everyone but notices Prachi is still tensed. He walks towards her and tells her there is no need to worry as he will bring Khushi back to her.

It is unclear to Prachi how he will do it when no one knows about it. Akshay promises to bring Khushi back by tomorrow, explaining there is no need to worry since he stands by her side. Akshay says Prachi has pushed him far away by thanking him, and Prachi holds his hand and thanks him. he explains he really cares for her and nothing to worry about.

Prachi asked if she didn’t want to have tea, and Akshay replied that they could have it some other time. She went back to her room, and Dadi inquired if he’d really meant what he said. Akshay assured Dadi that Prachi’s happiness was his only priority, and promised to bring Khushi from any corner of the world if it made her happy. He advised the older woman not to worry and said he would try to find out more information about Khushi before leaving with her blessing.

Khushi asks Ranbir if the story ended so quickly. Ranbir asks what she means by he told her the story so she should sleep.

Khushi asks if he knows why she came to sleep with him, he replies because she likes him, but Khushi answers she came to sleep with him so he would make her sleep. After reading the story to her, Ranbir wonders how he can make her fall asleep any other way. Khushi tells him he must sing and pat her on the head in order to get her to fall asleep. After Khushi forces him to sing, Ranbir asks if she is sure and she falls asleep after a while.

Prachi considers how the NGO official stated that Ranbir lied, and when he said he had a DNA report, she felt for the first time that Khushi is not in danger.

She thinks she was going to tell Ranbir the truth when she found out about it but he did not do the same, and she believes she did not tell him because she saw his happy family and knew he had established a new family without her. Ranbir still doesn’t tell her the truth, and she still wonders why.

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