Kumkum Bhagya 19th May 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya for 19th May 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

The Episode starts with Khushi asking Prachi to take Shiv (Ranbir) out and saying I won’t ask anything from you. She asks her to ask the Police uncle to free him. Naina song plays…..Meera and the warden take her from there. Prachi sees her leave. Naina song plays…Rhea gets a call and learns about Ranbir’s arrest.

In Palavi’s question, Rhea tells him Ranbir has been caught at the checkpoint and is suspected of kidnapping Khushi. He is locked up in the lock-up. In order to get out of the orphanage, he asks the constable to monitor the orphanage and tells him that those two women behave badly with Khushi. He then asks the constable to let him call home, and the constable says yes and leaves.

Upon entering the PS, Prachi tells Inspector she wants to meet Ranbir. Inspector says she was right about Ranbir, don’t know what he taught Khushi, she was praising him. As a result of Akshay Tandon, we got more teams, and Khushi was found as a result of him. The inspector says yes, and asks the lady constable to take Prachi to a meeting room. The lady constable takes Prachi there and then calls Ranbir. He says that all his family members are helping her, but he did not tell her why he was doing this.

You are there when Ranbir says you. He says volcano…it seems you are angry and ask him to say. Prachi asks you what your attitude is, and what you want to prove if you would like an award for your behaviour. He says he will feel guilty and irresponsible. Prachi asks him to get to know himself and what is bothering him.

Ranbir wants someone to send him back to his cell. Prachi says sorry. Ranbir says I don’t need your apology and keeps his hand on her shoulder. Prachi turns to him and asks him to apologize. Prachi says Khushi was in your house. Ranbir says Khushi ran away from the orphanage and came to me. He says he was taking her to the orphanage when he was caught by the police.

I took her to the orphanage even though Mummy, Dida, and Khushi wanted me to take her there. They argue. Ranbir asks her to go, says he is already worried, and asks Constable to take him inside the cell. I am wasting both my time and my mood. They insist on meeting Ranbir. Inspector says fine, take them. Lady constable says there’s something troubling them. Prachi thinks of Ranbir’s words when she sees Pallavi and Rhea coming. Prachi confronts Pallavi and asks why she lied. Pallavi asks what’s wrong with me if I lied.

Rhea asks Prachi how she could talk to Pallavi aunty like that. Pallavi replies that I lied due to helplessness and asks why didn’t you tell me Khushi was with you?

Prachi says Shahana says Rhea isn’t trustworthy, but I scold her and say she trusts her. Rhea says you can’t see anything other than Ranbir. She says you can vent your frustrations on me, but I cannot hear anything against this family. Prachi says that when mistakes are made, it is our responsibility to bear the consequences.

The inspector says you shouldn’t have spoken to her in this way, and encourage her to withdraw her complaint. The two go inside to meet Ranbir. Pallavi asks the lady constable where her son is, and the lady constable says if you walk like this, you’ll arrive next year. Rhea says she is a mother and loves her son dearly. She asks Pallavi to learn how to be calm from her and says you’d have taught him good values, otherwise, he wouldn’t have kidnapped the child. They go to Ranbir and Ranbir apologizes to the lady constable. Pallavi blames herself for his arrest.

Rhea says when Prachi came home, we should have understood that we had done something wrong. Ranbir says I didn’t want Khushi to go, that is my mistake. He says I was unable to keep my daughter away from me, so it’s not your fault. Pallavi says I’ll go meet Prachi, I fought with her because I thought that you were here because of her.

The woman says she will speak with her and she will accept. Ranbir says you won’t speak with her, we don’t need her help. Rhea asks why? Apparently, the inspector asked us to take her help. Ranbir says he won’t take her help because she’s going to adopt Khushi, and she’ll make sure I’m in jail. We’ll do something, but you won’t ask Prachi for help. Rhea calls the lawyer. Pallavi is calmed down. Ranbir asks Pallavi to relax.

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