Kumkum Bhagya 18th May 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 18th May 2023 Written Episode Update on Worldofentertainment.in

Prachi says she believes Ranbir is responsible for Khushi going missing, and Shahana says she feels the same. Everyone was acting normal, but something didn’t seem right. Prachi says I have to tell you something strange and says that when I was stuck with Ranbir in the storeroom, something I always wanted to do occurred to me. She describes it as strange and weird, but it was good at the time. She says it feels peaceful when all your family is with you, and I felt like Ranbir and Khushi were here, all my world was in one place.

When Panchi was born, Ranbir asked me to look in the mirror, and I said, perfect family. She says I felt her there, but she wasn’t there. I felt like Ranbir was distracting me by saying he saw ghosts. Shahana says Khushi would have seen you if Khushi was there. Prachi agrees. Shahana asks her to trust Akshay. After waking up, Ranbir imagines Prachi on the same bed as Khushi and him, and then running behind her to ask her to take a bath. He believes he should follow Lawyer’s advice and not follow Mummy or Dida’s.

When he takes Khushi to the orphanage, they might give her to him. He says, “I’ll take Khushi to the orphanage and leave her there.” Ashok asks Akshay if you made this tea. Ashok says Prachi makes such a tea that gives you energy all day long. Akshay asks if you see any flaws in her. Ashok says no, and says there may be flaws in you, but not in her. He says the lawyer has spoken to authorities, and Khushi will soon be found.

Pallavi gets worried when Rhea informs her that Ranbir and Khushi are not at home. Pallavi requests Rhea to get her phone. Rhea gives Pallavi the phone. Pallavi calls Ranbir and asks him to come home, drop Khushi off, and then leave. Then Pallavi calls him again, but his phone is switched off. Pallavi asks how he can take Khushi away from here. Rhea informs her that Khushi is his own daughter.

Pallavi says he doesn’t care about my feelings, she cries saying he has done wrong. Rhea gives her water and asks her to drink. Pallavi says how can he take our daughter without informing us. At the check post, Ranbir sees the police checking the cars and wonders why they are doing that. Khushi wakes up and asks Ranbir where he is taking her. Ranbir says we are going to an orphanage. Khushi says she doesn’t want to go, but he says he will go with her.

Khushi is found in the car by the inspector, who says we are searching for her. Ranbir tries to run with Khushi but gets caught by the police. They arrest and take him and Khushi as well. Dadi tells Prachi that she will search for Khushi. Akshay calls Prachi and says Khushi has been found. Prachi is happy and thanks, Akshay.

After ending the call, she tells Shahana that Ranbir kidnapped her and was taking her somewhere when the police arrested her. She asks Dadi to stay at home. Meera and the warden come to the PS to take Khushi. She states that if she had the chance, she would have given Khushi to Prachi. In the PS, Ranbir and Khushi are brought together. Khushi cries. Ranbir insists to talk to her. He promises that nobody will mistreat her and won’t lock her in a dark room. He asks her not to cry. She hugs him and asks him not to leave.

After the inspector takes Ranbir inside, Khushi cries and insists on meeting Parvati. Meera promises to make her meet her. Khushi asks her not to break her promise. When Prachi reaches the PS, her car suddenly stops and she sees Khushi with Meera and the warden walking out.

She gets down the car and asks Khushi if she is fine. She asks where did you go? Khushi replies that she went to Shiv’s house and that she did the same, and that she told the police, but the police did not listen to her. She asks Prachi to believe her because she loves her. Prachi says yes, I love you a lot and hugs her. She asks her not to cry. Khushi asks her to save her Shiv for her and asks her to bring him out for her. You can scold me, but please don’t touch him.

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