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Kumkum Bhagya 25th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on worldofentertainment.in

As Manpreet asks Prachi to make kheer, Prachi hears Ranbir ask not to add almonds to the kheer and thinks Ranbir…please. This is not your house. She takes out almonds from the canister and asks Manpreet if you like almonds. Mihika hugs Manpreet as he leaves.

She informs Prachi that she has invited her friend to enjoy the sweets and requests her to make them delicious. Manpreet cautions her against troubling Bhabhi and escorts her elsewhere.

Despite the fact that she should not think about Ranbir, Prachi remembers how he used to wander around her asking for tastes of the food he made. She cries and asks why she is thinking about you. Mahiya ve…. Plays.

She expresses her disappointment, stating that she has always thought of him while he never considered her once, choosing to marry Rhea, his desired partner. She acknowledges that it is the beginning of their new married life together and admits that she continues to think about him. However, she decides to keep her distance, asserting that she will focus on herself and refrain from allowing him to come into her presence.

Otherwise, Ranbir has to eat food and Kheer and praise it, so he thinks he’s going from there. Abhay, Divya, and Neha come there throwing pillows. Manpreet instructs the men to carry the carpet and other items through the back door. Abhay informs Akshay that the girls have formed a gang.

Mihika says I am Mihika. He says yes, my dear daughter. Divya and Neha hug him as well. He says we will have breakfast together. Manpreet enters. Ashok asks her to sit.

Having asked her to complete the work according to her standards, Vishaka says our servants can do so. Manpreet says, but. Vishaka says I told. Mihika asks Vishaka to sit. The guest had come with me and she wants to tell you that he is not just a guest. She requests them to treat him with kindness.

Ashok suggests that she should have come in their car and called the driver. Mihika explains that the driver had already left. Akshay asks for clarification, to which Mihika explains that he is like an angel sent by God. She narrates how three goons were following her on bikes, and this person came to her rescue. Akshay stands up, shocked by the revelation. Ashok reiterates that she should have used their car and called the driver.

Ashok says you were in a taxi. Akshay says you should have waited for the driver. Akshay asks her to give him the biker’s number. Mihika says I was scared at the time. I brought him to the guest room after the goons hit him with a brick and he fainted, so I made him sleep in the guest room because he was drunk.

Mihika says she invited him for breakfast. Akshay says we will thank him personally. Ashok asks what his name is. Mihika says she didn’t ask him.

Prachi approaches the area. Ranbir assists the decorators’ men in lifting the box. While Prachi bends down to retrieve her earring, Ranbir’s view is obstructed by the box in his path. They cross paths and feel each other’s presence as they pass by.

Ranbir ponders, “Am I being foolish? Why would Prachi be here?” Prachi thinks to herself, “I shouldn’t be thinking about Ranbir. How could he be here?” Manpreet asks if she doesn’t recognize who he is.

Vishaka says he drinks so much, maybe he is a goon. Mihika says he is from a good family, I talked to him, it is his personal matter he got drunk. Prachi arrives.

It is Ashok’s dream to see Prachi here, so Vishaka asks her to touch everyone’s feet. Ashok doesn’t want to interfere in house matters and Prachi does what she asks. Prachi touches their feet. Ashok expresses his desire to embrace his daughter-in-law but suggests doing so later. Akshay takes a seat on the chair.

In order to take care of the house as the owner, Manpreet gives Prachi the key. Vishaka asks if the almonds are there. Prachi adds the almonds and takes the kheer from there. Ashok tells Mihika that Bua won’t let her eat, so she’ll eat kheer and check on the guest.

She asks Ranbir where he is going and gives him a kheer bowl. He tastes and thinks it is Prachi’s, then thinks anyone can make it this way.


She keeps her hand on Ranbir’s mouth, worried about Vishaka’s reaction. She asks him not to ruin her home. Ranbir says what about you? I have ruined my life and now you want to take me away.

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