Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 27th June 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 27th June 2023, Written Update on

It begins with Shiv and Surilii discussing Raghu’s wedding plans. Surilii designs the card. Shiv says it’s a royal wedding, so we’ll call everyone and make arrangements for their stay. Shiv smiles when he sees her. He unties her hair and says you look better like this.

Maan suggests they review the functions list, which Surilii has compiled. Shiv offers to organize it and she reassures them that she is familiar with her system. Sam jokingly remarks something, leading everyone to break out into laughter. She then announces the first function should be haldi and dhol artists are necessary for it. Shiv inquires about giving it a fusion touch as neither of them know how to go about it. He then shows Rani Maa’s picture and politely asks her to reconsider her proposal. Whispering in her ear, he urges her to practice Garba steps if she wants to impress Rani Maa who arrives at that very moment!

Maan states that Raghu went to meet his business partner. Shiv says I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have raised my hand against him. He calls Raghu. Samar brings Raghu home. Raghu says I won’t take his call. I’ll block him.

Samar is shocked to see Shiv inside the house. He says Shiv won’t let you rule, he’s inside, where are you going. Raghu says he has returned, I can’t be under his roof anymore. Samar declares that he will leave, urging them to remove him and make their place in order to gain respect in Swati’s eyes. He asks about the gun, handing it over, and encourages them, saying, “Go get him, tiger.”

A nod from Raghu. Surilii gets coffee for Rani Maa. She says it has no sugar, it’s healthy for you. Mithi says I refused but… Surilii says I know bahus don’t come into royal kitchens, so I’ll stop coming in when you’re able to make coffee like I do. She asks Rani Maa to have coffee. Rani Maa turns away. She asks about Raghu.

Shiv says he isn’t answering. Samar and Raghu come home. Shiv apologizes for slapping him. He says he is sorry, won’t you hug me and forgive me? Raghu holds the gun. He keeps it inside. Shiv says he won’t do it again. Samar greets Rani Maa. Shiv asks if she is drunk. Raghu says she left right now.

In his childhood stories, Sam says Shiv is legendary. Maan says Raghu is also legendary. Surilii shows Raghu the wedding invitation and function list. She asks Raghu where were you, you got late. She says we send invites in royal weddings, this is my son’s wedding, so I will make sure it happens according to my wishes. Raghu sees Samar. Shiv tells him to finish working and come. He asks Raghu to clean up. He sees Samar.

Shiv confronts Samar, telling him he had gone to drop Raghu because of his drunkenness. Samar rebuffs this statement and explains that he had been drinking when he left. He adds that they are like siblings so it was only natural for him to take care of Raghu. Shiv mocks him for being over-protective and says one shouldn’t start their workday from the bar. Samar reminds Shiv he is older than him, warning him to be careful with his words. Angered, Samar leaves soon after while noticing Ambitai in the distance and respectfully greeting her from afar.

During the dance, Surilii and Shiv spend time together. He hugs her. As she gets involved in arrangements, she falls. Shiv catches her in arms and they smile. He says my wish came true. Rani Maa comes downstairs and sees Shiv and Surilii.


Surilii asks Rani Maa to invite Ganpati. Raghu says Swati has come. Swati says we’ve sent the first card already. Surilii’s family arrives.

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